Leland Richardson


6’4”/184 pounds

High School:
Heritage High School (Newport News VA)

High School Stats:
11 Points, 7 Boards, 3 Blocks Per Game

AAU Team:
Tribe Elite AAU

AAU Coach Evaluation:
Leland is one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching both on and off the court. He just wants to be the absolute best he can be and works diligently toward his goals. I’ve seen his growth not only in his basketball skills, but his awareness and confidence as well. He is a likeable young man, easy to coach, learns fast. He has great self discipline and is very humble, just an absolute joy to be around. He will be a great addition to any team on any level. With regards to his basketball talents he plays with a lot of intensity and rebounds the ball exceptionally well. He can hit the mid range jumper and has the ability to take it coast to coast. He is strong and gets a lot of “and 1” opportunities. – Coach Kashif Johnson, Tribe Elite AAU

Coach Frank says:
Leland has a great basketball body, he’s long and has a solid frame. He is physical and powerful and has excellent mobility and athleticism. He has proven to be durable and punishing around the rim as he doesn’t mind the physical pounding that occurs in the paint, in fact will often deliver the physicality as he attacks offensively with aggressiveness and defensively as he boxes out and establishes good defensive position. Leland is an excellent shot blocker, is quick off his feet and plays with a great motor. Although a solid paint presence Leland has good perimeter skills. He can handle the ball very well, is a very good and consistent face up shooter and he can score off the dribble. He has a great shooting touch to three point range and is a more than capable perimeter player who plays mostly in the paint out of necessity. Making the move to the wing is one I can see him making with success as he also has quick enough feet and defensive mechanics to effectively defend the 3 and 4 positions. Leland is a high character young man, outgoing and personable and is a positive impression on his teammates. He’s a good teammate, one his team can believe in, a glue guy!

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