From the Bleachers

George Glymph Fall League (Columbia, SC) Part 3

Combo Guards

October 18, 2017 was a basketball feast. With the basketball season getting into full swing, the George Glymph Fall League provided a nice early appetizer for the NBA entrée of games later that night. Again, many of the Midlands’ best ballers gathered to represent a few of the area’s best programs at the Cardinal Newman High School gym.

From the bleachers, it was obvious that the players have been putting in the work over the summer. They looked bigger, stronger, and faster than last season. Their shot mechanics were improved as well as decision making. Players were showcasing new and improved skill sets. The following players are a group of combo type guards that were able to get what they wanted on the floor by either showing an improved skill or displaying one that was not witness before:

6’0” 2019 James Crosby (Ridge View HS, Columbia SC) Upward Stars Columbia

Coaches must trust their eyes and seeing is believing. Mr. Crosby’s stock has been rising throughout the summer and it is well deserved. He is a strong bodied guard that is able to get into the paint at will and finish through contact. Over the past three weeks, he has scored fast and in bunches. He has definitely been one to know at the Glymph League. Before you know it, he drops 20 on you. Tonight, however, he showcased his playmaking ability. Still able to penetrate the paint, he was spitting the ball to the corners and getting his teammates involved. He picked up multiple assist and proved that he could run the lead guard if needed. This will surely cause problems for anyone who has to guard him this season. He’s a winner.

6’2” 2019 Chico Carter Jr. (Cardinal Newman HS, Columbia SC) Team Charlotte

Carter is a known player in the Carolinas. He is a natural scorer and he is fun to watch. He is as tough a ball player and competitor as there is out there. He did it all tonight. Carter defended the post, ran the point, knocked down multiple 3’s as the off guard and I think he worked the concession stand also. A fiery competitor, he displayed lock down defensive skills. Carter forced multiple turnovers that led to easy scoring opportunities. He was a willing passer that got his teammates involved. He consistently drove the lanes and finished through contact. You can tell that he has put in the work because that jump shot was pure tonight. Buy now.

6’1” 2018 Matthew Lee (Heathwood Hall HS, Columbia SC) SC Tigers

Known for his scoring ability, Lee possesses an attacking mentality which he displayed in transition tonight. He finished very well, through contact, with both the left and right hand. With a nasty first step and low shoulder level, he got to the rack with ease. On several occasions, Lee exhibited one of the best Iverson cut techniques seen thus far. Off the Iverson cut, he both attacked the rim and knocked down the mid-range pull up. He was put into the spotlight as he was called upon to run the lead guard for the majority of the game. He did a very good job at getting his teammates involved. He used proper angles to feed the post. He displayed excellent court vision and decision making with the ball. He for sure will be tough to guard this season and has proven that he can run the team when called upon. Lee possesses next level skills.

6’1” Charles “Tré” Jackson III (Blythewood HS, Blythewood SC) Team SC

Jackson is the definition of a combo guard. He is a highly highly (I meant to write it twice) skilled ball player. Offensively, he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Coming into the season, he was already one of the best shooters in the state but it appears even that has improved. Tragic for opposing players. Mid-range, the arc, half-court, and even the parking lot; wherever he shot it from it fell. Tonight, with an improved handle, he put defenders on skates. Jackson displayed the ability and willingness to drive and kick to open shooters. He threaded the needle on several dump offs to the Bigs. He is deceptively quick defensively and anticipated passing lanes very well. This lead to several steals. It can be said with ease that he will prove to be one of the Carolinas’ best the season.

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