Five names that caught the eye of our scouts at the Stay Positive Session II early on.

6’4” 2018 Trey Cousin
Mid State Magic (NC)

Cousin has been on fire all week long, finding ways to score both efficiently and in big numbers. Coming off a 30 point game last night, Cousin went for 22 in his first game today. He moves so well off the ball and knows his attack spots. With NC A&T and Maryland Eastern Shore offers, more should come if the coaches watch.

5’11” 2018 Jordan Campbell
Team United Elite (NC)

Campbell is a certified bucket getter. At all 3 levels, off the bounce he gets where he wants on the floor where he finishes above the rim in traffic or with deep range. He finished with a game high 17 in his first game, which is more the same and why scholarship carrying schools need to be all over him.

6’7” 2018 Sam Woods
Manzer (SC)

What Woods does is not really stat sheet type stuff, but it is certainly what helps teams win games. The lefty has great length and is incredibly bouncy. He scores the ball with consistency 18 feet and in and finishes in traffic high above the rim. He just racks up deflections and blocked shots, regularly. Highly productive player.

6’6” 2018 Jaron Williams
Williams showed the entire arsenal in the first game. He is a 3-level scorer, but in this one he really showed his pace and ability to create for others. He has a good handle in the half court and the ability to change pace and get into the teeth of the defense. He is a mid level type player who just gets on the floor and makes winning basketball plays.

6’ Unsigned Sr. Rodney Hansley
Hansley has had quite the July, seemingly coming out of no where to be considered a premier type scorer. He has deep range with consistency, but what impresses the most is his tight handle and ability to get himself where he wants without turning it over. He is very efficient and consistent in his performances, averaging 5 3s per game. Scholarship level coaches should enjoy this one.

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