2024 Jackson Gaffney (Rocktop Academy):

Gaffney was one that we were eager to see and grabbed our attention with his game. He is a long prospect who has a smooth offensive game, and certainly showed that he can knock down shots with a ton of confidence. Whether in catch-and-shoot situations or off the bounce, Gaffney scored in a variety of ways, creating well, attacking, spotting up, and making quality decisions. He is one I would look at a bit more.

2025 Tammar Brown (Rocktop Academy):

Another player I was eager to see and learn more about, you can’t deny his size and upside with his game. At 6’11, Brown has a fluid feel and a good presence around the paint. He can finish with touch but also runs the floor well and can finish at the rim.  There is still room for growth but one can’t deny the intrigue with this big man and what he brings on both sides of the court.                          

2024 EJ Smith (TSF National):

Smith was part of a dynamic duo for TSF and watching more of his game, I believe this is a young man who should be getting more looks as a D1 prospect. He has length as a guard, good athleticism, and brings a balanced attack on the court for his team. Whether he needs to be more of a scoring option, he knows how to create and score effectively in a variety of ways but also understands how to make and find his teammates. Whatever you may need, he can help provide and be a weapon on the court.

2025 Heri Bukinga (DME National):

We wrote about Bukinga in our Best of the Best, but he deserves to be on this list because I believe his list of offers will only take offer quickly after what I saw. He checks off a lot of boxes as a big; size at 6’11, moves well with fluid footwork, shows that he can score inside, and also be a strong presence in altering shots defensively. He has a lot of potential in his game with a college-ready frame already, so as he continues to understand more of the game and add more to his game, more college programs will be heading his way. But don’t wait too long!

2026 Deng Deng (S3 Academy):

Deng was a younger big on the court but one that checks off a lot of boxes early on and makes you eager to see how he continues to develop. But what you get with his game today is a fierce competitor and a big that is willing to be physical and battle down low. He continues to add more to his offensive game but also flourishes in scoring through contact and with good touch. Deng runs from end to end well, good athleticism, and understands how to do the dirty work.

2024 Amadou Doumbia (Lee Academy):

Schools are always looking for size and 6’11 Doumbia is an unsigned senior that is garnering looks from D1 programs. He has a nice feel as a big man, knows how to post and be effective in finishing at the rim, and looks to attack the boards but also bring a presence on the defensive end. He was able to show those flashes that you have to like, being a force at the rim but also making a variety of other plays. 

2024 Daniel Ntambwe (Huntington Prep): Â

Ntambwe is an interesting prospect but from what we have seen over the last two events, he deserves at least more looks from D1 programs. When you look at him first, he has the strength and frame that is college-ready, he has good size, and you immediately notice his athleticism. His ability to get downhill, embrace contact, and finish physically is where he flourishes a lot but watching over the years, you can see that he has added a lot more to his game to make him effective from other levels and areas. He has been consistent the last two weeks, and should atleast earn more eyes his way.

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