Northside Christian and York Prep kicked off the Battle at the Rock, a weekend full of talent.  York Prep came out strong in the first, finding success from the perimeter to get out to an early 13-4 lead but Northside started to pick up their play on both ends. 

It was the play of others for Northside, as Noel Tesfa, Daniel Lubamba, and Jan Homanen really helped carry Northside to a lead at half, knocking down multiple shots from three and being active offensively. 

Halftime: 29-22 Northside Christian

Start of the third quarter, York Prep came out much more aggressive and started finding more of their offense.  Ladarian McCree led the charge, scoring from outside and in, while York Prep continued to share the ball well and find open shots.  It helped them secure a 44-43 lead at the end of the third.

But Northside Christian made another run to really put this game away in the fourth, going on a 14-0 run, as they were able to limit York Prep to one shot each time.  That late run proved to be enough, even though York Prep played until the end and made it much closer.

Final: Northside Christian 58 – York Prep 56


York Prep:
Kory Davis: 22 points
Ladarian McCree 12 points
Omarion Bellamy 6 points

Northside Christian:
Glynn Hubbard III: 16 points
Aaron Hall: 13 points
Jan Homanen 9 points
Noel Tesfa: 9 points

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