Phenom Hoop Report traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to cover Quality Education Academy. Coach Issac Pitts has accumulated a bevy of talent and will have suitors at every level checking out his 2018-19 team. One thing is for certain, Coach Pitts is a no nonsense coach who demands attention and effort. His “tough love” approach helps prepare his players for the next level, not to mention teaching of fundamentals throughout the practice.


Now, let’s take a closer look at the potential impact players for Quality Education.


6’11 2019 Josaphat Baloui

In speaking with assistant coach Damian Lineberger, he stated Josaphat Baloui has received offers from Wake Forest, Georgetown, Illinois, and Texas Tech. We’re talking about someone with tremendous length, agility, and mobility. The fluid power forward has the ability to put the ball on the floor and attack the rim, hit the midrange or post up on in the paint. Baloui has excellent form and touch on his jump shot and above average ball handling skills, not to mention solid passing skills for someone his size.   His perimeter shot has nice arch and proper backspin and rotation and has a nifty one dribble step back jumper. In addition, Baloui has passer friendly hands and is very patience once he receives he ball in the post area. He is a willing passer out of the post and rarely tried to force the action.



6’3 2019 Elbert Ellis

Simply put, Elbert Ellis is the heart and soul of the team. As goes Ellis, so goes the team. He’s the team leader and will be instrumental in getting the team into its sets and scoring opportunities. Ellis is quite effective as a scoring point guard. He has the ability to set up his teammates, but his ability to read screens and make plays will be his calling card this season. Ellis has outstanding range and a soft feathery jump shot.


6’9 2021 Darrio Domingo

The strong and sturdy southpaw is definitely one to monitor over the next few years. Domingo has touch and range and is quite effective with the elbow jumper. He is still learning the game, but he has the frame, size, and shooting ability to make him such an unique prospect.


5’11 2020 Hunter Jackson

We’ve had the pleasure of watching Hunter Jackson several times at our Indy Top 80 camp. As a matter of fact, Jackson was named Indy Top 80 Mr. Defense due to the fact he is an outstanding defender on and off the ball. He is a high energy player on both ends of the court, but will provide tremendous energy on the defensive side of the ball. Jackson has quick hands and terrific lateral quickness and has he ability to create havoc on the opposing point guard. Look for him to be a game changer with his ball hawking defensive pressure.