Jayson Harris 6’6 205 2021 Kecoughtan High School, Hampton VA

Jayson is an absolute warrior on the glass making an impact with put backs, blocked shots and playing big and mobile patrolling the paint. He has good footwork and is quick and explosive off the ground with his first jump often snatching rebounds outside his area while rebounding the ball at its highest point with two hands. He boxes out regularly and beats opponents to rebounding spots and angles showing good instincts and footwork and initial quickness. He has very good timing for blocked shots and defends the post effectively because he knows how to use his big frame to seal opponents and get position to make plays and he has a very good IQ. He has a strong grasp of help defense and when he needs to rotate to protect the rim. He recovers nicely and is able to stifle dribble penetration with his size and verticality. He has good enough footwork to defend opposing bigs away from the rim, good mobility on lateral and retreat steps and he is quick enough to contest shots in and around the paint and defend ball screens. His combination of good quickness, size, strength, anticipation, a great motor and positioning all allow him to be a very good rebounder and overall impact presence inside. Jayson is a very good passer demonstrating good vision. He’s able to find players when doubled, and even have the offense run through him at the high post. He can knock down the 12-15 footer and is especially effective on pick and roll and cutting to the rim where he demonstrates solid footwork and great hands. He has nice touch around the rim and is undeterred by contact. Jayson can hit the mid range jumper and an occasional post turnaround jumper but is most effective facing the rim. He moves off the ball nicely flashing off the short corner or trailing on dribble penetration and his ability to get off decent looks in volume is a plus skill. An excellent free throw shooter! The sky is the limit for Jayson; he’s young and athletic with great size and solid instincts. I can see his game extending beyond the paint in the not too distant future and his work ethic and obvious competitiveness will help mold him into one of the most valuable prospects in Virginia’s 2021 class. Coaches should inquire now! A breakout is on the horizon!