Amarion Wilson 6’6 185 2021 Kecoughtan High School, Hampton VA

I’ve watched Amarion make great strides over the last six months and if he continues to develop at his current rate he’s going to be a dominant paint presence on both ends of the floor by next season. Amarion obviously has excellent size and his footwork continues to improve but he does patrol the paint nicely contesting shots both in the lane and out to 15 feet showing good foot speed, lateral mobility and defensive posture that allows him to also contain the dribble against opposing forwards. He is quick enough and has solid enough feel and understanding that he is able to hedge screens nicely, recover to his defensive assignment and contest shots. He is a good shot blocker with explosive leaping ability and can get off the floor quickly. Amarion is an active rebounder on both ends of the floor. He has a strong frame and as he learns to assert himself more in the paint and take advantage of his physical tools he will be a space eater! Offensively he demonstrates a developing jump shot with range; he has a nice high release, good mechanics and improving footwork offensively. Has a nice touch around the rim on stick backs and is a good passer out of high and low post areas. Has good instincts. As Amarion gains experience his skills will obviously become more polished but it’s easy to see he has the foundation to be an impact player with repetition. His physical attributes, his athleticism and work ethic suggests he will continue this rapid growth as a player and a big upside and exciting basketball future is easy to predict.