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Brandon’s Big Time Ballers #NCHSAATOP100

Over the weekend 100 of the top players from all over the Hoop State in the Public School ranks, the competition was top notch, it attracted dozens of college coaches far and wide looking to find the next stars of their programs.   Davie County, North Carolina- The NCHSAA sponsored elite camp kicked things off with a bang, energy was high and college coaches flooded the sidelines to take in...

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Early Player Standouts at Phenom’s JMAC Showcase

FIBA 6’2 ’22 Lebron Thomas- The point guard prospect was easily the most impressive performer from the first slate of games. He managed the game incredibly well, showing poise with the ball in his hands and only looking to score as needed. Thomas sets up his teammates at a high level and has the necessary vision to make some unbelievable passes.   Team Synergy 6’2 ’21 LJ Johnson- The long,...

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Rudy Gay’s Nephew GOT GAME! Chris Nobles Takes on All Comers at Phenom’s Challenge LIVE!

Chris Nobles has made a name for himself, in his own right, as a high flying forward who will try and take the rim off in transition. It has only recently come out that the 6'6" junior is also Rudy Gay's nephew.

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Prospects at Phenom’s Challenge LIVE who Would Look Good in the Big South & SoCon (Part II)

It is that time of year. Regional schools are mapping out their April Live periods. With only 3 days of LIVE period (well 2 really if you consider you cannot start until 6 on Friday and have to be done by 4 on Sunday) this year it is imperative that college coaches see the right players. In this series, we are taking a look at various leagues around this region and the players these coaching...

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Juice All-Stars Claim 17U Championship at Phenom Stay Positive

The Juice All-Stars have always done an excellent job of assembling a talented roster without necessarily needing the draw of a shoe-circuit program and this year’s team is no different. College coaches should start laying groundwork here, as this team has an abundance of prospects that already look prepared for the next level. They grinded through a relatively difficult journey to reach the...

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Phenom’s North Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 6

Team 6 Coach: Will Roberson   #6: 5’11 ’22 Cameron Oates (Trinity Christian) Starting things off, we look at a player that already looks quite comfortable at running a high-level offense, Cameron Oates. He’s a very quick point guard prospect with quality instincts and the ability to effortlessly set up his teammates. Oates scores the ball pretty well from all levels, but typically looks to...

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