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Phenom’s North Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Derrick Partee   #8:5’11 ’21 Cedric Patterson (Gaston Christian) Starting things off, we look at a player that showcased a fairly intriguing skillset throughout his time at camp, Cedric Patterson. He’s a wiry, quick guard prospect that can play either backcourt position due to his blend of ball-handling and perimeter shooting. Patterson is able to make plays for himself and...

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2020 NC Top 80 Breakout Performers

For the previous six years, Phenom Hoops has been honored to host the North Carolina Top 80, however (as we always say) this is NOT Phenom Hoop’s event, this is North Carolina’s event. This is the event where players get together to compete and see what the state and other classifications have to offer. However, this is also the event where the very best in the Hoop State get together and show...

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Bendel’s Best: North Carolina Top 80

Phenom Hoops’ NC Top 80 Camp continued to solidify its reputation as one of the top, most exciting exposure events across the state. The collection of talent is undeniable and the subplots are endless, which it a big part of what makes it so fun. This year’s field was arguably the most intriguing group to ever attend the event, featuring guys from all pockets of North Carolina. This article will...

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Morning Standouts at Phenom’s North Carolina Top 80

#28- 6’2 ’21 Jaquantae Harris- The lefty point guard has been arguably the most impressive floor general on display through the first slate of games. He’s so strong and in-tune with his skillset that it’s almost unfair for opposing guard. Harris is incredibly smart and navigates wherever he desires on the floor. He’s very polished and basically unstoppable when getting downhill.   #106- 6’8...

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