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Phenom Hoops Open Gym: Moravian Prep

Starting his second season at Moravian Prep, head coach Antonio Lowe had changed the direction of the program. Less than a year ago, Moravian Prep was looking for notoriety and respect. Fast forward and now Moravian Prep has become a destination for a multitude of D1 prospects and has quickly become one of the hot teams in the state.

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Coach Rick’s Phenom High School Team Camp Session 2 Standouts

Coach Rick’s Phenom High School Team Camp Session 2 Standouts It was another outstanding opening day for the Phenom High School Team Camp held at Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill, South Carolina. With the summer heat wave on the outside, the action was even hotter on the inside. With 40 plus teams participating with terrific performances by many, we will take a closer look at some of...

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Blossoming Power Forward Calls it for the Catamounts

Over the last few years, it seems like more and more student-athletes are placing an increased emphasis on fit and relationship as opposed to forcing themselves to the highest possible level. That’s becoming a major part of how programs build success, as it cuts down on outgoing transfers and allows players to comfortably develop their game. It’s a contributing factor that has vaulted teams like...

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