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SUPER SOPH Breon Pass Does Everything! Reidsville RAW Highlights in Win

Breon Pass won a state championship this year in football. However the sophomore also carries basketball offers from the likes of NC State and East Carolina. The kid is a winner. Pass’ feel for the game is natural, which makes sense as his father (also his coach) played basketball collegiality and then earned a pay check playing basketball. Without question, Pass is tracking at a high...

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2020 6’8 Nick Farrar: The Ultimate Stretch 4

Nick Farrar (6’8, 2020 prospect) is not a name many people are talking about. Well at least the casual fans aren’t. College coaches, well that is a different story. While Nick doesn’t have any offers yet, coaches are asking. Rightfully so, there is s much to like in Farrar’s game.  The lefty has ball skills, toughness and is very bouncy. With junior teammates Jayden...

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Hoops and Dreams Classic Event Alums

This year marks the second year of the Hoops and Dreams Classic, one of 2018s most talked about and covered hoops events. Well this year, the event has become bigger and better as it has merged with Phenom’s Feast of Champions and took the Thanksgiving date for the event. Look for the same amount of media coverage, the same amount of college coaches, the same amount of talent … Watch out 2018...

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North Carolina Truly is THE Hoop State

The state of North Carolina is ninth in the country in total population with an estimated 10.27 million people per the national census in 2017. The state of North Carolina also carries the 4th most Division 1 basketball programs in the country with 18 total in the state. In the 2018 NCAA Tournament, the best of the best among college basketball programs, the state of North Carolina sent six (6)...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Phenom Hoops and Baller TV Partner to Provide Ground Breaking Coverage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: Rick Lewis ( OR Jamie Shaw ( NORTH CAROLINA – Nationally known Phenom Hoop Report has partnered with the innovative California based Baller TV to provide a ground breaking live stream of each of its events. This partnership will bring wide spread coverage for all student athletes and teams attended Phenom Hoop Report...

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Phenom Hoops Event Attendees All Over the 2019 National Rankings Update

On Wednesday, recently released their newest brush at the 2019 rankings and it had a strong Phenom Hoops feel to the Top 150. In all twenty-six prospects were ranked among the countries Top 150 prospects. This comes as no surprise as the 2019 class in Phenom Hoops region is incredibly talented. All along there have been players who are ranked among the top in the country in this class...

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From the Sidelines – At the Highest Level Part 2

If you ask any young prospect playing basketball, where he would like to play in college, the general response will be, “at the highest level.” Every young player has his or her sights on and dreams of playing D1 basketball. The facts are that there are a limited number of scholarships available and a high number of players worthy of playing at that level. In the 2015-16 season, there were 351...

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From the Sidelines – Rankings Part 2

Rankings contribute to some of the biggest controversies in youth basketball. Not everyone agrees with the rankings published by one particular service or another, which can often lead to charges that any particular set of rankings, is “political.” Unfortunately, it’s become the norm for people to criticize and belittle anyone that doesn’t agree with a specific published list. But it’s so...

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