6’2 ’22 Manny Elliott (Greensboro Warriors)

This Greensboro Warriors squad is very tough, especially when Elliott is firing on all cylinders. He’s a fairly well-rounded guard on both ends of the floor, but it’s his shooting ability that stands out the most. Elliott can really shoot the ball from midrange and beyond with range and a quick release. He should be a major contributor for Dudley sooner than later.


6’3 ’21 Bailey Wiseman (TMP)

Arguably no guard from the first slate of games was craftier, especially with the ball in their hands, than Wiseman. Both as a creator for himself and others, Wiseman has the ability to consistent set the floor for his teammates while also applying constant pressure as a perimeter scorer. He can attack the basket at a quality rate and defends the point of attack quite well at all times.


5’8 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins (Team Cobras)

The most reliable performer for this Cobras group is most certainly Dawkins, who does such a great job of leading the team with poise and intelligence. He knows how to dictate the offensive action very effectively and does such a great job of setting up his guys in stride. Dawkins can score in a variety of different ways, but doesn’t force it and looks to create for others whenever possible.


6’0 ’20 Taurus Watson (Upward Stars PD)

The athletic wing is the clear two-way leader of this team, given the way he communicates and sets the tone at all times. Watson is a well-rounded athlete that possesses a pretty useful skillset, given the way he defends, rebounds, and scores along the perimeter. He could be a quality contributor at a variety of different programs.


6’2 ’20 Trevon Williams (DTA Elite)
No team is more exciting than DTA Elite, and Williams is a big part of what makes them a special group. He’s such a smart, polished two-way guard that leads through his scoring, useful playmaking, and sharp defensive instincts. Williams is a monster in the open floor, given his athleticism and ability to score from anywhere. It’s only a matter of time before he starts picking up Division I offers.


6’1 ’20 Andrew Shull (Renegades)

It’s easy to see how vital Shull is to the success of this Renegades squad, given how well he controls the action on both ends. He’s an excellent setup artist that knows how to reliably create for the entire team while still getting involved as a scorer. Shull is so great at attacking the midrange area, but also has a smooth three-point stroke and craftiness as a penetrator.


6’0 ’20 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite)

In terms of point guards, Carr has to be among the top two or three in attendance, especially given his unwavering balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s so smart and sees the floor at such an elite level, which allows him to genuinely make highlight-reel passes look customary. Carr can score the ball from all three levels, but is nearly dominant as a penetrator. He defends with purpose and stands out as a leader in every facet of the game.


6’5 ’19 Derrick Butler (Team Knicks)

The unsigned senior guard was one of the most productive scorers on display. Butler single-handedly put this game in his team’s favor, given how consistently he attacked the basket and finished through contact, especially in transition. Butler has great size for a guard and utilized it nicely on defense.