2026 Bryce Rogers (Triple Threat 2026):

Rogers is a new name to look at here in North Carolina. With his 6’6 frame and being part of the Class of 2026, he showed flashes that he could be a target down the road. He has a unique blend of length and athleticism that was to shine inside and out. He is comfortable from multiple levels, stepping out from three but also finishing inside.  Rogers could be a sneaky prospect to watch out for as he continues to develop and get stronger.

2027 CJ Rosser (Team Trezz):

He isn’t a new name personally for Phenom, but he is for many others. However, we are here to say that you will be hearing more about this young man sooner rather than later. He is a 6’8 long prospect who has a unique set of skillset that allows him to be comfortable from multiple areas. Though he is just starting his journey and is raw in some areas, he has a TON of upside if everything comes together. He can handle, stretch the floor, knock down shots, block shots defensively, rebound well, and run the floor well.

2027 Keyonee “KJ” Terry (Team Curry):

Keyonee “KJ” Terry is a player that we highlighted last summer, and the promise is still there. His blend of size, motor, handles, developing skillset, his ability to create, and versatility really stands out but there is also so much upside left in his game. Terry can impact the game in a variety of ways, and I’m eager to see how he continues to develop and add more. He showed those flashes once again at the event.

2027 Sean Nix (Team Curry):

Nix certainly has the background and understanding of the game at an early age, and it is clear that he is starting to really grow into his body and showcase a ton of confidence in his game. Nix, the younger brother of DJ Nix, is a confident shot-maker from multiple levels, knocking down shots in catch-and-shoot situations, adding more to his overall game, and has a high IQ for the game.

2027 James Minlend (Harrisburg Hornets):

Minlend, yet another player that we talked about over a year ago, could be in for an eye-opening summer with his game. The 6’5 long and bouncy prospect really showcased his confidence level this past weekend, understanding more of what he is capable of doing on the floor but yet there is so much left in the tank of what he could potentially be. Long, knocks down shots from all levels, stretches the floor, exceptional size at an early age, and solid in getting downhill to finish.

2028 Ian Gause (Palmetto City Hurricanes):

Gause was a new name that we stumbled upon but I’m here for it in what he could ultimately be. He has a chance to be something special if everything comes together and he continues to develop; again, he is just entering high school. But he is a long 6’5 frame, and what surprised us was his ability to run the floor really well, strong handles for his size and age, his body control in finishing, and his ability to post up with touch as well as alter shots defensively. He was doing a bit of everything, and if he continues to grow and develop, watch out for his name in South Carolina.

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