Check out who landed on our list of top point guards from the Virginia Top 80.

Virginia Top 80 Standouts Top Point Guards

The Virginia Top 80 brings together the 80 best players in the state, regardless of class, regardless of position. It allows the big name guys to jostle for position and ranking and it allows the over looked guys to go right at the highest ranked kids to find their place.

This event was no different, however the common thread between all of them is they all competed. Every player touched the ball consistently, plays were made in the half court, and guys took pride in defense.

Today I am going to cover the Point Guard position. Here are the guys who showed out during the day:

1. Matt Coleman 6’2 Sophomore – Maury HS – Boo Williams (EYBL)

Coleman’s exploits are pretty well documented, however he lived up to all of them in this event.

Players came at Coleman in all three (3) of his games, but he brushed it off and continued to produce.

Coleman has an unflappable handle that gets him where he wants to go. He has vision that rewards his team mates for moving and cutting, getting them the ball in comfortable areas. In this event, he also consistently made shots at all three (3) levels.

Coleman is the highest of the high recruit, and as a scout in attendance said, “Coleman is a future McDonald’s All American.”

2. Maliek White 6’1 Junior – George Wythe HS – River City Reign

People have known about White for a while, but have always been on the fence about him. That is until the showing he put on in the playoffs. White is starting to separate himself from the rest of the point guard pack, as a ball player.

In this event White showed his ability to play within the pick and roll. He made great reads attacking the big and the mismatch. He also showed his ability to consistently make shots with range. White has always been a very good on ball defender, and the chip on his shoulder will always enable him to compete.

3. Mastadi Pitt 6’1 Sophomore – Hampton HS – Team Loaded

Pitt can create offense. He possesses lighting quick speed with the ball in his hands, and a non-stop motor that continues to come at you throughout the course of the game. In this setting Pitt showed his ability to score at multiple levels.

He was most deadly with his dribble mid-range pull up. It had him bursting at full speed and stopping on a dime, and rising up to finish. Pitt had a great year, and this event should propel him into the AAU season to see great success.

Joe Foley 6’2 Freshman – Woodberry Forest

Not many people knew about Foley coming into the camp. His Head Coach Craig Dawson, of Wake Forest University fame, spoke highly of him and boy was he spot on. Foley was the kid that was always around the ball. He had a high motor, and seemed to make positive play after positive play on both ends. As an unknown freshman, in an event of this caliber, Foley more than held his own. We will enjoy tracking his career moving forward.

Justice Kithcart 6’2 Junior – Virginia Episcopal – Team Loaded

Time after time Justice Kithcart answers the call, and yet people don’t give him his just due. Kithcart has a great frame, to go along with a quick first step and a strong frame to absorb contact in the lane. With all the gifted physical attributes that Kithcart his, his mentality may be biggest attribute. Kithcart is full of grit and dog, and lets the chip on his shoulder show every time out on the court. No matter who is in front of him, Kithcart will always hold his own and eventually win most battles.

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