The Virginia Top 80 is the most prestigious showcase camp in the state. In this annually held camp, we utilize scouts, coaches, and programs to help us identify the 80 best players Virginia has to offer. Virginia is traditionally a basketball hotbed, and that tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

Phenom Hoops likes to provide a platform for every kid that supports our events, so here is a write up for each kid in attendance.

Virginia Top 80 – Team 3
Head Coach – James Daniel (Pheobus HS)

#2 5’9” 2017 Josh Colon – Blue Ridge School (Saint George)
Colon is a true point guard, and excels in all of the offensive traits that true point guards have. He is a very quick player that is a good ball handler, going both ways. We would like to see Colon continue to develop his shooting range mechanics and on ball defense. When locked in Colon can be a fiery competitor.

#27 6’2” 2016 Justice Kithcart – Virginia Episcopal (Lynchburg)
True to form, Kithcart was one of the more competitive players in this camp. He was faced with some very intriguing match-ups on the day, and went right at every one of them. During camp, Kithcart showed the ability to consistently knock down the 3 point shot, both off the catch and both ways off the dribble. He also showed good ball handling skills and the ability to get into the lane and finish through contact. Kithcart is a very good on ball defender, using his quickness and understanding of footwork to make life hard on his man.

#32 6’7” 2017 Darius Bell – Southampton HS (Southampton)
Bell displayed a great attitude during camp, as it was obvious he came to both learn and compete. When Bell is playing confidently, he has advanced ball skills for a player of his size. As he moves forward, we would like to see Bell become quicker laterally. However, his size combined with his ability to shoot with range and handle makes him a very interesting prospect moving forward.

#33 6’3” 2016 Chris Lomax – Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham)
Lomax did a great job of playing within the team, and gave great effort on both ends of the floor. Lomax played his best ball on the defensive side, showing quick feet on the ball and active hands in the passing lanes. On offense, Lomax took care of the ball. We would like to see Lomax do a better job of attacking the basket, as he continues to get stronger.

#47 6’4” 2017 Marvin Trotman Jr. – Atlantic Shores Christian (Virginia Beach)
Trotman entered camp with a competitive mindset and the objective of making a name for himself. Trotman looked to be very comfortable going left in the mid-range, where he showed both touch and ability. Trotman was able to get into the lane, where he showed the athleticism to finish above the rim. We would like to see Trotman continue to develop his ability to play within a team concept. On defense, Trotman has quick feet and understands angles and footwork.

#64 6’7” 2017 Taija Blaylock – Middleburg Academy (Middleburg)
Blaylock has a very physically developed frame, with long arms and broad shoulders. At this point, his game is predicated around his explosive athleticism. On this day, Blaylock had a great attitude and took well to the camp coaches. As he moves forward we would like to see Blaylock become more aggressive, but the tools are there for him to take a huge step.

#67 6’7” 2017 Logan Wells – Western Branch HS (Chesapeake)
Wells was a late addition to camp, but came in with an attitude and a motor ready to show that he belonged. Wells possesses a strong frame, and very good court awareness from the mid to high post area. As he continues to advance, we would like to see Wells continue to develop his explosion. Wells finished shots at multiple levels and showed the willingness to crash the boards hard.

#75 6’10 2016 Maceij Bender – Mountain Mission (Grundy)
Bender has a great attitude toward the game, and very advanced ball skills for his size. He showed the ability to finish with his back to the basket as well as shoot beyond the arc. We would like to see Bender develop a more consistent motor when things aren’t going his way, as well as continue to work on his overall athleticism. Bender is a very good area rebounder and gives good effort on the boards.

#83 6’2” 2016 Desmaine Devane – Oscar Smith HS (Chesapeake)
Deavane’s game is predicated on his athleticism. He has very quick feet and hands that he uses on defense, and attacks the basket with a purpose. We would like to see Devane give a more consistent effort and expand his shooting range, but when he is locked in he can be a very good attack-minded two way player.

#87 6’ 2017 Cle’Von Greene – Grafton HS (Grafton)
Greene has a good deal of natural explosion, which is eye catching, but what allows him to succeed on the basketball court his the tenacious dog he possesses. He is a superb rebounder for his position, and picks up his man 94 feet with a smile on his face. We would like to see Greene continue to develop his ball skills and jump shot, but his ability to get to the rim and absorb contact is well beyond his years.

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