The Virginia Top 80 is the most prestigious showcase camp in the state. In this annually held camp, we utilize scouts, coaches, and programs to help us identify the 80 best players Virginia has to offer. Virginia is traditionally a basketball hotbed, and that tradition is not slowing down anytime soon.

Phenom Hoops likes to provide a platform for every kid that supports our events, so here is a write up for each kid in attendance.

Virginia Top 80 – Team 2

#12 6’ 2018 Tommie Pope – Norcom HS (Portsmoth)
As a younger player, Pope came into the camp with a great attitude. Pope is a fundamental player that showed a determination and leadership on the court. Pope’s Camp Coach George Lancaster stated, “For a ninth grader, Tommie looks highly comfortable playing against guys a lot older. He is dedicated to the game, respectful, and very easy to coach.”

#19 6’2” 2016 Zach Collins – Freedom HS (Chantilly)
Collins is a very intelligent player who relishes playing the game as a true point guard. He was vocal throughout the camp and it helped guide his team. Collins’ Camp Coach __ stated, “Zach is a very intelligent player who could become and excellent player by using his shot selection and stronger ball handling skills. While he needs to work on his upper body strength, I enjoyed coaching him in camp.”

#21 6’ 2016 Lhorden Hyman – Indian River HS (Chesapeake)
Not only did Hyman come into the camp with a great attitude, but he also improved each time on the floor. Hyman has a good understanding of angles and positioning on the defensive end. Hyman’s Camp Coach __ stated, “No player improved more throughout the event than Lhorden. He has great participation, desire, and the ability to see plays before they happen.” Hyman was great to watch in camp, and will be eager to see him continue to grow.

#28 6’2” 2016 Georgie Pacheco – Deep Run HS (
Each time out it seems Pacheco gets better and better, becoming a more complete player. Not only does Pacheco possess a high basketball IQ, but he also plays very tough-minded. Pacheco’s Camp Coach __ stated, “Georgie’s ball handling, shooting, and defense is quickly becoming uncanny. He has a nose for the ball, and on a court full of athlete’s he gets to a lot of 50/50 balls. I am certain he will play great basketball beyond high school and is a joy to coach.” What Pacheco lacks in athleticism, he makes up for in “want to”.

#31 6’3” 2016 Carl Trice – Indian River HS (Chesapeake)
Trice has a good frame to go along with his solid skill set. Trice has come to various Phenom events through the years, and has continued to improve each year. Trice’s Camp Coach __ stated, “Carl had a great attitude and gave maximum effort throughout camp. I would like to see him be more aggressive and sure of himself. Carl is a fine young man.”

#35 6’4” 2016 Gerrard Simpkins – Bishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach)
Simpkins put on an aerial show throughout the camp. He is a great athlete, and showed a solid base knowledge of the game. Simpkins’ camp coach __ stated, “Gerrard is a fine athlete with an equal passion for the game. He is a player that possesses good all-around skills. He will only continue to get better as he works.” While we would like to see Simpkins communicate better, he has a great work ethic and ability

#44 6’4” 2016 Lonnie Mann – Phoebus HS (Hampton)
Mann is a great physical athlete. He defended the ball well with great quickness and he was able to attack the basket from the wing. In the future, we would like to see Mann bring it on a consistent basis. Mann’s camp coach __ stated, “Mann has athletic talent, but his play is not consistent with his physical ability. Maybe today was just an off day for him.” Mann has all the tools to be a good one.

#60 6’6” 2017 Zach Jacobs – (Richmond)
Jacobs was one of the surprise performers of the event. He showed the ability to produce, on both ends, consistently across the boards. Jacob’s camp Coach __ stated, “Zach is a warrior on the block and in the short corner. He has good shooting range, game knowledge, and his working ethic is wonderful.” Jacobs has good straight line explosion and scored above average on all of his camp criteria.

#70 6’8” 2016 Greg Hahn – Cox HS (Virginia Beach)
Hahn displayed a great work ethic and a high IQ in the post. His attitude, effort, and team play were all attributes that he scored the highest on. Hahn’s camp coach ___ stated, “Greg has excellent communication skills, and gives great effort. He is a great team mate, but needs to refine his offensive skills. He is a solid post defender.” While we would like to see Hahn continue to improve his conditioning, we have no doubt his work ethic will get him there.

#77 6’10” 2016 Sacha Killeya-Jones – Virginia Episcopal (Lynchburg) – UVa Commit
Killeya-Jones has been coming to NC Phenom events for a while now and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow with each event. He is, not only, a great player but also a great kid. Killeya-Jones showed great touch and passing ability throughout the camp, he also used his length in the paint as a rim protector. Killeya-Jones’ Camp Coach __ stated, “Sacha is an outstanding person and player. He understands and approaches the game in a mature fashion. He is a very adept ball handler and guards the post well.” As Killeya-Jones continues to put on weight his effectiveness will only continue to get better.

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