Phenom Hoops Report had another successful event this past weekend with the Virginia Top 80 taking place in Norfolk Virginia. Several of the top players in the state of Virginia made their way to Virginia Wesleyan College to not only compete against the best, but to also find where they rank and compete . Even though everyone had a great camp, there were a few early standouts in Norfolk.

Take a look at a few that stood out among the rest below.

Greg Jones – 6’6 – John Marshall – 2017

When the games began, there was no doubt about who was the loudest player on the court, as Jones continued to show leadership and teamwork on the floor. He continued to talk on defense, get into the opponents head, congratulate his teammates, and much more Sunday afternoon. Jones played with a chip on his shoulder, battling for every rebound on the floor and continuing to attack the rim, even against bigger opponents. His hustle and motor stood out among others and looks like the kid that gets the job done while doing the dirty work.

Jethro Tshisumpa – 6’9 – Mountain Mission – 2016

Tshisumpa wasn’t the offensive juggernaut on the floor, dominating with different post moves. He showed the potential to put points on the board but what stood out the most is his defensive presence. He was one of the stronger big men on the court in Norfolk, as he has the shoulder of a football player.

Furthermore, he also has a 7’5 wingspan, which he used to his favor all day long. He blocked several shots that got the crowd into it and certainly could be used for much of the same at the next level. If he can continue to develop his play down low, he could be a solid Division I player. But as of right now, his defense in the paint, along with his shot blocking and rebounding, was some of the best we saw in Virginia.

Sacha Killeya-Jones – 6’10 – Virginia Episcopal – 2016

Killeya-Jones continues to develop his game and his body, as he certainly is beginning to fill out his frame. His 6’10 frame causes several mismatches on the floor, as he showed that he is more than capable (and is comfortable) shooting the outside shot, as far as the three point line. But, he has continued to show progress with his post moves and people can see the potential in him if he develops his overall game. If he can develop the unique attribute of playing both outside and down low (step outside, putting the ball on the floor, posting up, and finishing strong with the ball), he could be a mismatch that every opponent hates to face.

Zachary Jacobs – 6’6 – Maggie Walker – 2017

Every time he stepped on the floor, Jacobs produced. It might be hard to define his game to a certain point, but his overall game certainly stood out. When he needed to score, he shot the ball well on the outside, while moving well and creating points for him.

When his team needed to defend, he stepped up, made key stops and rebounded well. There wasn’t much that scouts could find wrong with his game, but they couldn’t also pin point what he did the best. Overall though, this kid produced on both sides of the ball and will be a coach’s dream player when they need someone to produce at key points in the game or off the bench.

Mamadi Diakite – 6’9 – Blue Ridge – 2016

There wasn’t another player that scouts and coaches were more intrigued to see than Diakite. Already a high level prospect, he showed why he earned those rankings with a unique offensive game, high level defense, and a few throw downs that got everyone out of their chairs. Diakite has a slender frame for his size but don’t let the fool you. He uses his length to battle on the boards, but expanded his offensive power as far as 15 feet out.

He seems to just let the game come to him and works well with his teammates by either working well off the pick and roll, or taking his opponent one on one (taking his time to see what the defense gave him).

If one hasn’t seen him, you certainly will be hearing his name at the next level. His ceiling continues to rise with his athletic ability and skilled offense, but if he is able to gain more weight and continue to get stronger on the defensive side, he could be one of the best to come out of the state of Virginia for his class.

Matt Coleman – 6’2 – Maury – 2017

Coleman didn’t arrive till later in the camp, but when he did, there was no doubt on who was the best guard on the floor. He shows a fantastic ability to handle the ball and distribute to his teammates, always looking up. Coleman has great speed and excels when he is getting up and down the court in transition. He has great vision and seems to always be in control of the play on the offensive side of the ball. His ceiling continues to grow every time he steps on the court and certainly expect him to be a dynamic player as he further develops his game.

Aamir Sims – 6’8 – Blue Ridge – 2017

He has a very mature game for such a young prospect. This young power forward showed a unique game of scoring down low in the post, while possessing a smooth stroke from the outside. As he continues to grow and already possessing a college-like body, he will be a name to remember in Virginia and certainly will be hearing more of him in the class of 2017.

Honorable Mentions:

David McCormick – 6’8 – Norfolk Academy – 2018

Maleik White – 6’0 – George Wythe – 2016

Jakub Mijakowski – 6’7 – Mountain Mission – 2016

Ejike Obinna – 6’9 – Virginia Academy – 2017

Justice Kithcart – 6’2 – Virginia Episcopal – 2016

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