2029 Gemma Liotta (Gametime Basketball): Liotta was a guard who grabbed my attention from the beginning and only continued to excel as the game went on. She is a quick, creative guard who was able to excel on several occasions with the ball in her hands. Liotta was assertive in pushing the ball in transition, getting inside the defense, and finding ways to score but also doing a tremendous job in just running the team.

2029 Anaiah Pelt (Team Durant): Pelt was an interesting player to watch and one you simply must love in how she impacts the game. With her grit, toughness, and competitive nature, she is able to find ways to impact the game all over and on both sides. Absolutely loved her energy, her willingness to do the dirty work, and is a Swiss Army Knife on the court. Effective offensively and defensively.

2027 Brooke Parker (Team KMA): Parker should be a name on many watch lists and college programs should be heading her way more.  Watching her operate on the court is something special; strong creator, has excellent feel and IQ, gets others involved, has terrific vision, and is a producer as a scorer.  With her size and skill set, she can play multiple positions on the floor and find ways to be effective for her team.

2028 Serenity Rutledge (Alabama Southern Starz): Overall, this Alabama Southern Starz is incredibly fun to watch and share the ball tremendously. But on Day 2, it was Rutledge who really introduced herself more to us at Lady Phenom. A true point guard who flourishes on the court, she was off the charts in her decision-making, her vision of finding and setting up teammates, and being an impact on both ends of the court. She mixes it up very well, not forcing anything and also being unselfish with her team.  She is going to be a name you hear down in Alabama more.

2029 Londyn Carter (Team Thrill): Always enjoy a player who somehow finds a way to make her impact felt in all ways on the court. She was strong on the defensive end, playing strong on-ball defense, getting into the passing lanes, and creating multiple steals for her team. Her defense also turned into offense, attacking in transition, finishing strong, or finding ways to get fouled.  On multiple occasions though, she was able to take her opponent off the dribble or show her ability to knock down shots from multiple levels.

2028 JaKaila Gaskin (Team Curry): Talking about another rising star here in North Carolina, Gaskin is one that we have talked a lot about and her story is just starting. The 6’3 young prospect has a ton of potential but shows a strong understanding and feel at her age. She helps anchor down on the defensive end, altering shots and controlling the paint but also moves really well offensively, getting to her spots and being a force down in the post.

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