2030 Khyri Tomlinson (Team Takeover Keels): Tomlinson was off the charts with his play. He is one that brings tremendous size along with a strong skillset that allows him to be a dominant presence, especially around the basket. For a play his age, it was quite impressive watching him throw it down out in transition, scoring at will down in the paint, and being physical on the boards. Tomlinson has a chance to be a special prospect and is showing it early on.

2030 Aaron Honaker (Team Takeover Keels): Honaker has a unique blend of length, size, skillset, and versatility in his game, which should only garner more interest in the coming years as he develops. He can be effective from multiple levels defensively, score inside and out effectively, and is a matchup nightmare with how well he moves. He impacts the game in a variety of ways, and he should only continue to earn more attention his way down the road.

2028 Isaiah Whitsett (Carolina Culture): He has been known for his scoring capabilities, and he certainly backed that up with a strong showing on Day 1 at the US Open. Whether it was using his frame and size, getting out in transition and finishing, playing off the ball and knocking down open shots, or being a playmaker off the bounce… Whitsett was doing it all on the court.

2028 Niles Nelson (Up Next): Nelson can grab your attention early on and then continue to bring intrigue with his overall impact and feel. Still developing as a prospect, one can’t deny his impressive athleticism in finishing strong at the rim, blocking/altering shots defensively, and his strong frame for his position. I’m eager to see how he continues to develop and grow.

2028 Noah Dulin (Team Fly): Dulin continues to shine on the biggest of stages, and again he is just starting his story. He has a tremendous skillset and understanding to go along with his versatility, his ability to make a variety of plays and impact the game. Dulin is a tough matchup with his inside-out presence, displaying a confident shot from all levels.

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