Phenom Hoops continued their events through the month of May, as Upward Stars Southeast 3SSB 2022 was one of the more recent teams that came through the Phenom MDC.  It gave us another opportunity to view a team that brings some of the more talented players around South Carolina and region to the floor and they surely impressed.

When you dive into their roster, the first player that your eyes attract to is 2022 6’8 Julian Phillips, one of the top ranked players in the country and he showed why. He has only continued to develop and work on his game, as it was quite noticeable in Rock Hill.  Phillips unique blend of size, mobility, athleticism, and now three-level scoring are key factors in why so many college coaches are hoping to secure a commitment from him.  They you start looking down at players like 2022 Jordyn Suratt, a 6’6 prospect that can get it done on both ends, that brings athleticism and versatility to the floor.  As well as 2022 6’5 Lewis Duarte, a prospect that is explosive, can knock down shots, and is effective on both ends. 

Rolling down through the roster some more, 2022 7’0 Micah Handlogten brings upside and size for sure, as he is a mobile big that continues to expand his game and receive looks from program. The other big, 2022 6’9 Bessanty Saragba, showcased his strength and body on the floor, really being active on the boards and playing with a physical mindset down in the paint.

2022 6’7 Marcus Kell is another intriguing talent that doesn’t get the attention he always deserves but he has shown, as he can simply light it up from the field and really stretch the floor with his size.  2022 Shane Blakeney is a rising guard that is catching on with college coaches, as he should especially due to his length, his court awareness, and ability to knock down shots. 

Last but not least, you look at a few guards like 2022 6’2 Justin Bailey and 2022 5’11 Tory Kelly.  Bailey can be an absolute pest defensively as well as being an assertive ball-handler that plays with a good motor.  Kelly has the physicality to be a talented guard that finishes well with either hand and embraces contact well.

There is no doubt about it though, this was a fun group to watch and a very talented one, that should have college coaches flocking their way all summer long.

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