The Phenom Grassroots TOC brought teams from all over the region, and there were plenty of teams that made a statement. Virginia has always been an interesting area when it comes to travel ball, but a program that seems to be building something special is the Twin Hoops organization, especially with the 16u team. They were able to walk away as champions, and this should be a team to watch out for A LOT this summer.

2025 Ben Demby
2026 Brody Hamric
2026 Ethan Jones
2026 Jakolbi Taylor
2027 Jesiah Hines
2026 Landon Hayes
2026 Marcus Pannell
2026 Sterling Tate Jr.
2026 Tavon Jumper
2026 Will Fowler
2027 Zyreak Manna
2026 Parker Dallas

This is a team that has been really growing and developing as a group, and they showed that on its way to a championship at the PhenomGrassrootsTOC. We had a chance to watch this team and there were certainly players that caught our attention, but this is also a group that deserves to receive more looks this summer. They are a developing program but also proving to be a winning program, and these players are stepping up.

2026 Jakolbi Taylor and 2027 Jesiah Hines were two guards that really impressed, elevating their play and be assertive on the court. Both can get downhill and create scoring opportunities, finishing strong and penetrating the defense. They showed that consistently throughout the event. Then you also had players like 2026 Landon Haynes who was able to knock down shots and be a valuable piece on the court. You also had players like 2026 Tavon Jumper, who was able to create, make plays in a variety of ways, and be a scoring option from an array of levels. 2026 Brody Hamric was another player who used his 6’3 frame to make plays and be an effective option scorer, shows good scoring instincts, and shows good athleticism (dual-sport athlete).

Other players like 2026 6’6 Ethan Jones, 2026 5’10 Marcus Pannell, 2026 6’1 Sterling Tate, and others bring tremendous value to the court, as this a very balanced team that has been racking up some impressive wins early on.

It is clear that this should be a team to watch out for in Virginia, as they will be racking up the wins.

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