In our recent article in September, we wrote “We first watched James Lewis several years ago at the NC Phenom 150 camp. His biggest attribute was his size and length. Lewis has an outstanding work ethic and nifty footwork in the post. He has passer friendly hands and does a very good job of catching and squaring up to the rim. While he does need to be more assertive at times, he does play with a good motor.”
In the game against a talented Legacy Charter, James Lewis was on a mission. He finished with 12 points going 4-6 from the floor and 4-7 from the free throw line. However, that doesn’t event begin to tell the story. He did this all in 18 minutes of play. In the first half, Lewis caught a nasty elbow to the eye and had to have over 10 stitches. For most young players, they would have called it a night and retired for the evening. However, someone forgot to tell that to James Lewis. Lewis quickly entered the game after having his stitches. Unfortunately, several minutes after his return he went for a strong power move to the rim, but was knocked hard to the floor and his elbow hit hard. What looked like a severe injury to the arm, we were informed that Lewis dislocated his elbow. Not good news, but after watching the fall, better than we previously thought.
Later on we were informed Lewis will be out for approximately two to three weeks. For a player we thought could be more assertive at times, Lewis on Friday night refined toughness!
Off the court, Lewis sports an impressive 3.6 GPA and conducts himself with maturity and poise. In speaking to the trainer afterwards, she was so complimentary of Lewis which doesn’t surprise us. For Lewis, he’s a special young man and illustrated a toughness we have not seen in some time.
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