We are officially in the thick of the travel ball season and things have begun to spice up within the Class of 2021 throughout the Hoopstate. The point guard position is particularly intriguing, as this group is quite diverse and each prospect’s skillset varies heavily from one guy to the next. It should go without saying, but these are not rankings, simply names, and their order means absolutely nothing. Guys like Bobby Pettiford, Brock Williams, Jaquantae Harris, and KJ Garrett are interchangeable here as well, but we will only take a look at five prospects within this installment.


6’3 Carter Whitt (Leesville Road/Team Loaded)

In terms of true floor generals, there might not be anyone in the country better than Whitt, who has quickly become one of the most coveted prospects in North Carolina—regardless of class. His feel for the game is simply tremendous and his ability to make the correct read with precision and consistency is unparalleled. Whitt possesses craftiness with the ball in his hands and displays high-level vision with frequency. That being said, he’s also a proven scorer with a polished three-level arsenal and the ability to create quality separation with relative ease. Whitt’s approach and decision-making process never seem to waver, which has allowed him to become a leader by example with Team Loaded. He’s already accrued over a handful of offers this summer, but don’t be surprised if his stock continues to rise.


6’3 Cam Hayes (Greensboro Day/Team CP3)

The transition from Smith to Greensboro Day was an interesting process to watch from afar, but Hayes has become a useful floor general that seems to shine when the spotlight is brightest. He manages the game extremely well, setting up his teammates and looking to make plays for others whenever possible. Hayes has quality athleticism and an abundance of physical tools worth noting, but also possesses the necessary feel to run the point guard position, which is part of what makes him such an appealing prospect for high-level coaches. He scores the ball effectively from all levels, though he prefers to attack the midrange area and apply pressure with his smooth pull-up jumper. Hayes thrives in the open floor, both as a passer and scorer, and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands. He has looked incredibly poised with Team CP3 this summer and should continue to accumulate offers through the coming months.


6’2 Elijah Jamison (Louisburg/Team Loaded)

No player on this list is wired to score quite like Jamison, who is able to consistently generate quality shots from little to nothing. He’s strong, smart, and plays with a quick twitch, which allows him to effortlessly through traffic and make plays for himself or others. Jamison is terrific at playing in attack mode, getting downhill and finishing at the basket or stopping for pull-up jumpers in the midrange area. He utilizes his body exceptionally well on both ends of the floor and has an abundance of tools defensively. Jamison rebounds the ball at a strong rate for a guard and does a phenomenal job of pushing the break in transition. He’s earned his reputation as one of the most lethal scorers across the state and should start becoming a priority for Division I programs.


6’0 Breon Pass (Reidsville/Team CP3)

There might not be a more enticing long-term point guard prospect on this list than Pass, who is also probably the most underrated guy within this group. He’s among the youngest players in the Class of 2021, yet already possesses the polish, intelligence, and skillset for a college-ready guard. Pass checks virtually every box and has no real weaknesses on either end of the floor, which allows him to thrive in a variety of different settings. He’s very unselfish and looks to set the floor for others at a strong rate, but also knows how to effortlessly score from all levels without forcing the action. Pass possesses craftiness and is capable of truly leading an efficient offense, with or without the ball in his hands. Few players in this class can match his combination of vision, scoring, and athleticism, which is a big part of what will eventually separate him from other prospects. Pass is productive and yet still brimming with upside, making him someone that college coaches should start prioritizing.


6’4 AJ Smith (Hickory Grove/Team Charlotte)

While each of the aforementioned prospects is known for their passing or shooting, Smith primarily stands out for his size, strength, and defensive abilities. He’s the biggest point guard of this group and certainly the strongest, which is part of what makes him such an overwhelming defender and strong penetrating force. Smith plays with a phenomenal motor and forces an abundance of turnovers with his quick hands. He rebounds particularly well for a guard and understands how to properly utilize his body to play physically in all facets of the game. Smith isn’t known for his shooting ability, but he has improved over the last year and still possesses the athleticism necessary to impose his will against most opponents. He has a quality feel for the game and offers a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. Smith is arguably the toughest and most rugged point guard in the state, regardless of class, and should become increasingly coveted as the summer season continues.

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