Team Stacked 17U

6’5 2020 G Brandon Williams
Williams proved he is a difference maker from the jump. His ability to rebound the ball and push the ball in transition is really what sets him apart. Finishes well around the rim and showed great passing ability as he picked up a number of assists with many being no look passes. Williams is primed for a breakout summer and senior year.

6’7 2020 F Collin Wilson
Wilson is in constant attack mode on both ends of the floor. Rebounds the ball at an extremely high rate and gets great position on the block. Proved that he can handle it and shoot it too making him an ideal stretch big. Wilson is set to blow up this year and really make a name for himself.

PSB Elite – Brim 17U

6’2 2020 G Nishawn Hodge
Hodge proved once again that he has all the tools and ability to be a high level player at the next level. Strong frame which allows him to get to his spots and finish through contact. An explosive player around the rim and is a terrific passer in the half court and transition. Also has a nice mid-range game that he stretches out to three.

6’3 2020 G Quame McClendon
McClendon has a very unique game. Automatic jump shot and gets good lift so he can shoot over defenders. Uses shot fakes and pass fakes to free himself from pressure defenses and passes well out of traps. If you lose sight of McClendon on the floor he will make you pay, one way or another.

Charlotte Royals 17U

6’0 2021 G DJ Cuttino
Cuttino is a lightning quick guard who maneuvers really well around the court. Unique straight line drive ability and his quickness translate to the defensive end as he gets his hands in passing lanes. Comfortable knifing through traffic and has no problem finishing amongst the tree. Strong frame and a tough competitor who shoots the ball well.

Royal Knights 17U

6’2 2021 G Javonte Waverly
Waverly brings an incredible skillset to the game. What flashes at you is his outstanding passing ability and his knack for getting the ball on time and on target to his teammates. Pair that with his shot making ability and it is a recipe for disaster for opposing teams. As Waverly continues to develop, he is a for sure scholarship level talent with big time potential.

6’4 2021 W Akhiras Holden
Holden plays with a lot of intensity and will gladly posterize someone as he did here today. Athletic and long wing who crashes the offensive glass relentlessly. Along with that, he is a great defender and uses his quickness and length to make things tough on the opposition.

The Renegades 17U

6’8 2022 F David Tubek
Tubek has to be one of the more impressive prospects in the entire event. Only a 2022, Tubek is physically gifted and possesses nice ball skills despite playing organized ball for only a few months. Rebounds at a high clip and is a high flyer who finishes well above the rim. As his game blossoms, Tubek will be on the recruiting boards of a lot of scholarship level teams.

6’1 2020 G Andrew Shull
Shull is as steady and cool handed as they come at the point guard position. Shoots the leather off of the ball and is a great playmaker, able to get himself or his teammates rolling. Sneaky athlete who has blow by speed and can stop on a dime for a mid-range jumper. Shull has gained a lot of momentum this spring and he will continue the snowball effect this summer and into his senior year.

NC Spartans East 17U

6’1 2020 G Isaac Spainhour
Spainhour has such a cool demeanor on the court. The game comes to him with ease and he gets his guys involved. Knock down shooter from out to 25 feet and has an incredibly quick release. Made six threes in the game I saw and finished with 33 points. Big summer and senior year ahead of Isaac.

NC Red Storm 17U

5’7 2019 G DJ Thomas
Good luck staying in front of Thomas because he is lightning quick and has incredible blow by speed. Gets to the rim at will and the lefty finishes craftily around the bucket. Goes right at the chest of defenders and can hang in the air to finish. Excellent passer as well and gets his guys involved while also making plays for himself. Don’t let his size fool you, Thomas can hoop with the best of them.

6’10 2020 F Jonas Aidoo
Aidoo is an immensely intriguing prospect. Only 16, he moves fluidly for his size and has shown stretch ability and flashed a dribble package as well. Moving forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aidoo makes a jump in his development as he continues to improve. Has soft hands and is a deterrent around the rim for opposing players.

Team Synergy

6’5 2020 F David Hubbard
Hubbard showed out today, especially on the offensive glass and with his workhorse mentality. Relentless around the rim on both sides of the floor and has sneaky athleticism. Can catch you sleeping and posterize you if not careful. Was refreshing to see his immense effort and intensity as those attributes are hard to teach.

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