6’7 Dylan Mann (Strong Center)

Given his impressive growth over the last few months, Mann has clearly vaulted himself into being a next-level prospect. He doesn’t do anything flashy, simply provides a steady, reliable presence on both ends of the floor. Mann displays nice touch and an understanding of how to score with his back to the basket. He moves well for his size and runs the floor properly in transition. Mann has clearly gotten more comfortable (and physical) as a rebounder and interior defender, and does a solid job of altering shots. He should have several schools involved.

6’9 Kotchi Wilfried (Midstate Magic)

It’s shocking how much available talent lies within the Midstate Magic roster, and that certainly includes Wilfried. He’s a long, fluid, athletic post prospect who offers a strong, physical two-way identity. Wilfried blocks shots, finishes above the rim, and rebounds at a consistent rate. His frame and physical tools tend to naturally overwhelm opponents. Wilfried knows how to play to his strengths at all times. He lurks well for lobs and putbacks, but doesn’t require a ton of touches to make an impact. Expect schools to make Wilfried a priority over the next few months.

6’6 Damajah Osborne (Team Gaters)

In terms of intrigue and appeal, it’s easy to see Osborne carving out a meaningful role at the next level. He possesses a long, wiry frame with the necessary size and athleticism to find opportunities within the flow of the action. Osborne offers a straightforward identity through his defense, rebounding, and ability to finish around the basket. He showed a willingness to make hustle plays and outwork opponents whenever possible. Osborne still has a lot of potential remaining, so it’ll be interesting how he develops on a college regimen.

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