One of the great things about attending a Top 80 event is the exposure it brings you. In 2015 we held Top 80s in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana. This is an invite only event, that brings together the best talent each state has to offer, and lets those players compete against one another. Each camp has players that most knew coming in solidify their status as an elite prospect, however each camp also has players that most had never heard of step up and become high level prospects.

One of the players who stepped out of the shadows at the Indiana Top 80 was Marion High School’s 6’10” Junior Gage Pinkerton. Doing a quick Google scan of Gage’s name and not much information pops up on him. After a quick Twitter search of his name, he has a few local news people tweeting however I didn’t see a single mention from a regional or national scout.

At first sight, Pinkerton passes the look test. He stands a slender but broad shouldered 6’10”. Pinkerton wields a long 7’4” wing span and stands in a size 17 shoe. He has grown two inches over the last year and his youth and length lend one to think he may still be growing.

At the Indiana Top 80, Pinkerton was able to go against size in each game he played as he was one of 10 kids who were 6’8” and taller in the camp. However, he was one of the few that had no issue with what position he was. Pinkerton made his living in the paint. He was consistently able to establish deep position, getting low, and showing a big target. He had passer friendly hands and showed the ability to finish with both hands off an initial move and a counter. Pinkerton will need to get stronger in his base and his core, however he showed great patience around the basket.

On defense, Pinkerton blocked a lot of shots and grabbed rebounds both in and out of his area. He has a high motor, securing a couple chase down blocks and numerous weak side pins. Again, Pinkerton will need to continue getting stronger in his core and base, but he was a very active rebounder on both ends.

Pinkerton, who plays his summer ball with Spiece Indy Heat, is new to the national scene. Even as a 6’10” Junior with a 7’4” wing span and great coordination he carries no offers. Pinkerton suggests IUPUI, IPFW, Ball State, and Kent State have sent letters, but we expect his recruitment to go much higher than these schools who have waited too long. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this recruitment take a Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Missouri Valley type feel.

Jump on board now, and enjoy the ride.

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