This is the third part of the series for Team Charlotte 15U, as we have taken a quick peek at two upcoming prospects in Jalen Harris and Marcus Henderson.

Now, we take a look at one other prospect and one that you will certainly be hearing more about down the road.

Gerrale Gates, a 6’5 forward from Hopewell high school, showed that he could be the next big-time prospect for the class of 2018. He certainly caught the attention of fans and anaylsts at the David Rose Classic, as he averaged over 24 points per game throughout the tournament.

Gates was solid down low in the paint and with his size and frame, it certainly helped him throughout the weekend. If he continues to develop his post moves, he can only become more elite down the road. However, he still needs to expand his game further out on the floor so he can be multi-dimensional on teh court.

His coaches had some high praise and are expecting big things from this young man, as they continue to work with him down the road.

Here is what they had to say about Gates:

“Gerrale has been the glue this whole season. We knew what his potential obtained, we always felt like when a team makes a run we can throw it inside to him and let him get a basket. He really doesn’t even know how good he can be yet. He is still very raw around the edges like most of the team is and gets better with each rep. He has a soft touch and hits a consistent 15 footer. We have introduced him to weight since out last tournament and he is getting better with his footwork. His potential may be the highest of the group right now.

He is coachable, that’s a joy of having him. That’s number one, anyone will love to have him because he always listens and is always down to work. Second, there will not be to many that will out work him. And as he continues to develop tools to succeed, he will become harder to defend.”

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