There is a lot to like about Tariq Simmons game. He is a hard playing combo guard who has an electric first step that allows him to make plays in transition, in the paint, and off of ballscreens. His size at the guard position gives him the opportunity to make defensive plays in the passing lane and allows him to sniff out rebounds that ultimately lead to transition chances.

Simmons is able to use more than one speed off of a side ballscreen. His hesitation at the elbow is deceiving as he is able to raise the big just enough on the ballscreen that allows him to get around and make a play at the rim. This is effective because of his capability to also pull-up at the elbow and knock down a 15-foot jump shot. Simmons is special in transition. He is able to slice the court in half shifting the defense in transition and uses his speed to put immediate pressure at the rim. In the open floor Simmons makes decisive decisions that lead to either baskets or FT attempts.

To take the next step Simmons will need to become more of a threat from 3, and continue to see get his teammates involved in the half-court with sound decision making. He will be a player to follow this July Live period.

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