The talent was out and about on Thursday and Friday for the Stay Positive Session I

Team Vision 17U

2019 6’4 Caleb Mills – Mills did a great job of attacking the Basket, which led to him shooting a lot of free-throws. He also showed the ability to knock down jumpers with ease. With his ability to get to the basket at will, he will continue to be a problem for defenders.

2020 6’2 Tyler Mckinney– Tyler has a nice handle with a great shot. He consistently knocked down 3 pointers. This is his weapon of choice when he’s on the floor. Even when a team goes man he can still knock down contested shots.

NC Runnin’ Rebels

2018 6’3 Marque Maultsby– Maultsby is a very interesting guard. He has a solid handle that allows him to get to his spots. He finds teammates and also sets them up in good positions. On the defensive end he straps up and has long arms that causes problems for opposing guards. He’s TOUGH and has a winner mentality. Coaches should really watch him closely this weekend.

2018 6’1 Chris Barnette- Chris is a small guard, but one wouldn’t be able to tell once he starts playing. He’s a very crafty and directs traffic when on the floor like a point guard is supposed to. His shooting from beyond the arc is also very efficient. He plays with this toughness that you can’t teach.

D1SA Spartan Elite

2018 6’2 Zyan Collins– Collins is the hustle player that you need. He gets almost every rebound and is very scrappy. Being a guard that rebounds well, it allows him to find the easy outlet pass which results in easy buckets. Collins also handles the ball well, and can get to the basket with ease.

2018 6’6 Jordan Miller– Very skilled guy who can score the ball everywhere. He was really impressive all day long. He carries a nice handle and aggressive nature which allows him to thrive offensively. Defensively Miller uses his length to cause steals and grab rebounds. He already carries multiple offers, but more should start to come with the way he’s playing.

CP3 17U

2018 6’4 Coby White– White is a magician offensively! I don’t think there is anything he CAN’T do with the ball. He has Elite handles, lighting quick, and crisp jumper. He slaughtered every defensive match up he was up against today. North Carolina have a great one on the way.

2018 6’8 Leaky Black– Black is a great PG who loves to get teammates involved. He has a lot of length and uses it to his advantage every moment on the floor. His handles are solid for such a big guard. The second game he really turned it on and scored whenever he wanted to.

Team Wall 17U

2018 6’2 Jomaru Brown– Brown has a silky smooth handle that gives him the freedom to get to wherever he wants to go on the floor. The next thing one notices his how pure his jumper is. He knocked down multiple mid-range and 3 point shots with ease. He has an elite attacking package as well. Coaches should really hop on him ASAP he’s a good one.

2018 6’8 Kris Monroe– For his size Monroe is a really good shooter. He gives a team the option to stretch the floor and cause mismatches. He loves to sneak around defender to pick up offense rebounds that get him easy put backs. He’s worth a look for college coaches.

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