This weekend brought a lot of talent to the courts down in South Carolina, and one of the premier teams that we were eager to see was SW15H Elite and they didn’t disappoint. They walked away with a championship from the event and proved that this is a team schools should be paying attention to all summer long.

When you look at this group, this is a team that has players that can help future programs. It first starts with 2025 Isaac Ericksen, a player who can be a tough matchup on the court with his blend of size, skill, ability to score inside and out, and overall impact on the court. He offers a lot on the court as a 6’8/6’9 prospect, and he should continue to be a focal point for many programs.

2025 Will James continues to flourish and show that he can play as well as perform. He stepped up in the championship game with 26 points, flourishing in his ability to be a strong creator, make tough plays inside and out, knock down shots from multiple levels, and overall be a strong guard who makes plays. 2025 Nathan Fife is right there with him, as he has a contagious game that you have to love. He is gritty, tough-minded, and competitive shows the ability to run the show and create, make plays for others or himself, and simply plays with a mindset to prove himself each time.

Going back into the paint, 2025 Cash McSweeney is an interesting prospect with his size and fluidity. He continues to flourish in operating around the basket, showing soft touch and footwork but also being able to face up and knock down shots as well. He continues to get bigger and stronger as a forward. 2025 Addison Newkirk, though he got injured in a game earlier, continues to be under the radar and has a chance to really shine and show his impact. He has the size and playmaking ability that makes him very interesting to watch; being able to make plays off the dribble, create opportunities for himself, can score inside and out, and bring value when he is on the floor.

Rounding out this roster, you can look at 2025 Israel Eatman, a guard who brings good size, the ability to knock down shots, and creates for himself and others while bringing a strong role for this team in various areas. 2025 AJ Gladieux is one that can surprise you for sure with his bounce, finishing at the rim and scoring strong off the bounce to get to the rim. Strong creator but also a high IQ player. And lastly, 2025 Zion Wells is a unique guard that has length, plays within the offense, and can be an option offensively in scoring inside over defenders as well as stepping out to knock down shots.

Overall, this is a team that offers plenty of scholarship-worthy players and they proved that down in Rock Hill. This will be a team to watch for sure all summer long, as they walked away with a championship at the Phenom Grassroots TOC.

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