Another outstanding North Carolina Top 80 event has come and gone, and the talent was fun to watch. Some of the biggest names were all under one building and so many players could be found making this list, but these are a few players from the Class of 2024 (Part 2) that really popped off with their play at the event.

Stockrisers from NC Top 80 (Class of 2024) (Part 1)

2024 6’5 Jamari Briggs (Christ School): Briggs is one that we recently wrote about when watching him at the Upward Combine and he continued to show flashes of what he can provide on the court at the NC Top 80. Briggs shows progression in his game, using his frame well to his advantage but also showing more consistency from the perimeter. Briggs continues to show that he can be a load when he gets into the paint and be effective with how physical he can play, but he is making strides more with his overall game and scoring ability.

2024 7’0 Devin Brafford (Rabun Gap): Brafford was an intriguing prospect to watch. It looks like he has grown a little, but he also showed more about his game at the event. He uses his length well and even though he can continue to add more strength to his frame, Brafford displayed an intriguing presence down in the paint with touch of his shoulder, nice feel, and mobility. He is one that I would be jotting down to watch more, seeing how he can handle more down in the paint but also operate in other areas of the floor on both ends.

2024 6’10 Bobby Cannon (Quality Education): Cannon is a player that played well this summer and has continued to play with a chip on his shoulder; something to prove. The 6’10 length prospect continues to show his comfort level in running the floor, using his length to score over opponents, and being a presence in altering shots as well with his wingspan. But he also is becoming even more comfortable from outside, stretching the defense with his perimeter shot. Cannon is one that could see a real uptick with a strong season.

2024 6’5 Hampton Evans (Greenfield): Evans is one of the players that goes under the radar but produces almost every time we see him on the floor. Whether it is during travel ball or high school season, Evans just does what is needed and quietly goes about his business. Evans has shown that he can be a versatile player, defending multiple positions and operating inside and out when needed. He just does what is needed for his team, fills up the stat sheet, and competes. Coaches should take notice more and expect him to have another big season.

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