Phenom Hops continues its coverage from the George Lynch Invitational, as several players captured our eyes throughout the event. We took a look at a few new names but we also got an updated viewing of players we have watched countless times, and they continued to impress. Here are players that left their mark on the event and should only continue to see their stock rise.

2023 Sean Rose (Charlotte Latin): Rose had a very good showing for his team and the senior will be looking to help lead the charge this year once again. Rose has simply continued to grow and develop his game from when we first watched him. He brings strong production to the table with his 6’6 long frame, as the athletic forward was assertive on the boards and showed that he can be effective from a variety of levels on the floor. Whether it was stretching the defense or impacting the game in the paint, Rose was able to really fill up the stat sheet on Saturday.

2024 Keenan Wilkins (Christ School): It was great to get a chance to check out this roster for Christ School and they have plenty of weapons. Wilkins is a new name for them but we certainly have known about his game for some time now. He showed that he can bring a nice balance to the table, continuing to show his scoring ability and ability to create, as well as his quickness and shiftiness on the floor. Wilkins was active on both sides of the ball and made timely plays throughout.

2024 JJ Moore (Concord Academy): Moore has been known for his scoring ability but when watching him in this game, he was able to capitalize on scoring opportunities but really showed more of his point guard instincts in creating and setting up his teammates for easy baskets. It is tough to stay in front of him with his speed, and he used that to his advantage to create off the dribble, push the pace, and find his teammates.

2024 Stephen Quinn (Moravian Prep): Moravian Prep is a team that is fun to watch play on the court, especially with all the shooters they bring. One of those shooters really showcased his impact, as 2024 Stephen Quinn was letting it fly throughout the game and showed unlimited range. Time after time, Quinn made his opponent pay with his quick release and deep range, shooting the ball with a ton of confidence. If you are looking for a shooter, Quinn is one to look at.

2023 Mari Day/ 2024 Damani Day (West Charlotte): The Day brothers are going to be critical pieces for West Charlotte this season and they showed why at the event. A team loaded with talent, both Mari and Damani did a great job of being valuable role players, with Mari helping initiate the attack, finding teammates, and making a presence defensively while Damani did a great job in being a big threat from outside and hitting key shots to keep his team in it.

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