The Joco All-Stars were one of several teams to participate in the Stay Positive Session II and had a good showing.

They finished the event with a 2-1 overall record with wins against Fort Mill and E.A. Prep Stars. Here were the Game MVP’s from each game and what our scouts saw on the court.

Joco All-Stars (Team Williams 17U) MVP Honors
Game 1: Rashad Potts
Game 2: Javonte Smith
Game 3: Jaquan Smith

Rashad Potts was exceptional on the court, scoring the ball on all three-levels, attacking and finishing at the rim, being the go-to ball handler, as well as his hustle all over the court. Leader by his play.

Javonte Smith has the physical tools to produce and has a high-motor. Consistently looks to score the ball, find his teammates, and does all the little things coaches love.

Both are unsigned seniors.

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