South Carolina Top 80
Team 9 Recaps


#16 5’11” 2018 Jermaine Patterson of Bluffton HS (Bluffton, SC)
Patterson is a great leader, players naturally gravitate toward him and what he is saying. Not only is he tough minded but he is jet-quick with great footwork which keeps in him the paint and makes him a tenacious on the ball defender. Patterson’s camp coach stated, “Jermaine is a quick point guard. He is explosive in transition and a good ball handler. He is able to find his shooter in transition and plays at a great, controlled, speed. Jermaine has a good looking stroke on his jump shot.”

#17 5’11” 2019 Trey Smith of Landrum HS (Boiling Springs, SC)
Smith came into camp with a great attitude. The lefty has a good scoring acumen and is able to get where he wants on the floor with good footwork and ball handing skills. Smith’s camp coach stated, “Trey is a lefty with a good stroke from 3-point range. He is quick, but very crafty and is able to shoot off the bounce or off the catch. Is able to make shots, off the bounce, going both left and right.”

#33 6’1” 2018 Bradley Childers of Gaffney HS (Gaffney, SC)
Childers gave great effort throughout the camp. He was able to get into the lane, either way, off the bounce and showed ability to make shots beyond the arc or at (and above) the rim. Childers’ camp coach stated, “Bradley is a craft guard. He is good in the open court and a good athlete, actually he is very bouncy. Childers finishes with both hands on drives to the basket and makes 3s consistently with his feet set.”

#57 6’3” 2018 Jonathan Breeland of Blythewood HS (Blythewood, SC)
Breeland came into camp looking to get everyone involved as a team player. He was very active, getting into the lane and showed good shooting mechanics both off the catch and the bounce. Breeland’s camp coach stated, “Jonathan has a good motor and activity at the guard position. Quick first step, driver. He has a good mid-range jump shot and is able to make open 3s off the catch.”

#64 6’3” 2021 Korey Richardson of Lower Richland HS (Columbia, SC)
Richardson came into camp showing he wanted to be coached. His best attribute was his range of shooting, but he also had a nice wing handle to go along with good length and lots of confidence. Richardson’s camp coach stated, “Korey is a solid ball handler. The lefty has a good stroke from 3-point range when his feet are set.”

#81 6’5” 2018 Myles Gordy of DW Daniel HS (Central, SC)
Gordy is as strong player around the basket. He is very strong, active and showed good length and determination to rebound. He also finished well around the rim. Gordy’s camp coach stated, “Myles made several mid range jump shots. He rebounded very well, and strong, in his area. Myles has solid shooting form on his set shot. Strong player around the basket.”

#88 6’5” 2020 Jordan Burch of Hammond School (Columbia, SC)
Burch came into camp with a great attitude and gave incredible effort from start to finish. The lefty is also one of the top ranked defensive ends in the country, for his class. Burch has a solid handle and nice pace from the wing. Burch’s camp coach stated, “Jordan is a very aggressive downhill driver toward the rim. He is a good offensive and defensive rebounder. His ball skills are good in the half court and he is a willing passer. Jordan could grow into a lock down defender, he has the right mindset.”

#105 6’8” 2019 Dallaz Corbitt of Heritage Academy (Hilton Head, SC)
Corbitt is a strong and athletic forward. He displayed great footwork and quickness around the paint area, and also was able to stretch the floor beyond the arc (both shooting and off the bounce). Corbitt’s camp coach stated, “Dallaz is an athlete! He is bounce around the rim and best when he is off in transition. He blocks shots and is an ok rebounder. Dallaz has solid shooting mechanics from beyond the arc, but could tighten up some there.”

#112 6’9” 2018 Sadarius Bowser of Gaffney HS (Gaffney, SC)
*Committed to Charleston Southern

Bowser is a long and explosive athlete on the floor. He gave a great attitude throughout camp and showed the ability to have a go-to move on the block. The upside here is immense. Bowser’s camp coach stated, “Sadarius is a solid low post presence in the lane. He finishes around the rim with a right hand jump hook and has a solid shooting stroke out to 17 feet. He guards his position well and rebounds his area well. Good mobility and runs the floor at a high level.”

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