South Carolina Top 80

Team 7

Coach: Christian Savage

#7: 5’9 ’21 James Lovorn III of TL Hanna (Anderson)

Starting things off, we look at a player that displayed a great maturity and understanding of the game, James Lovorn III. He’s a point guard with natural instincts to lead a team and control the tempo, able to create well for others in the half court or in transition. Lovorn sees all the right angles and knows how to bend defenses when getting the ball to others. He plays with a high motor and will do anything to put his team in a winning position. During camp, Lovorn displayed a solid ability to knock down open looks on all three levels while doing whatever he could to conduct chaos on the defensive end. Next in his development process is working on his ability to score off the dribble, as it would certainly bring his offensive game to new heights. Coach Savage on Lovorn: “James is a 2021 kid that plays very smart, with and without the ball. His defense will have to improve for him to be a dangerous two-way player, but he has great instincts and should be able to develop. James has a bright future and he knows how to play the game the right way.” Lovorn is just starting to scratch the surface; he will be one to keep an eye on over these next few years.

#14: 6’9 ’19 Isaih Moore of Sumter HS (Sumter)

Next, we look at a player that has burst onto the recruiting scene over the last calendar year, Isaih Moore. He’s an incredibly long forward that can easily succeed playing on the perimeter, given his ability to score over any opponent. Offensively, Moore is a potent three-level scorer with soft touch and limitless range; he hit a ton of jumpers from 30+ feet and showed zero hesitation or conscience on those looks. However, just because he is capable of shooting from anywhere shouldn’t imply that he settles for shots, because he doesn’t, as he will frequently hunt the best shot possible. Moore has a wiry frame and is sneakily tough, not afraid to go right at the teeth of opposing defenses (and finish at the rim) when his shot isn’t falling. On the defensive end, he showed off his grit and length, constantly getting into passing lanes or blocking shots on weak-side rotations. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it will allow him to score whenever and wherever he wants. Coach Savage on Moore: “Isaih is very long and can shoot the three ball extremely well; he can play multiple positions well on both ends of the floor. He runs the floor well, can block shots, and is a vocal leader. Isaih has some dog in him; his motor needs to get better, but he can definitely play D1 ball.” Moore was one of the breakout performers at camp and is a likely candidate to see a major uptick in his recruiting this season.

#18: 5’11 ’18 Naquan Addison of Spring Valley (Columbia)

Moving onto a player that consistently got it done on both ends of the floor with his athleticism and ball pressure, Naquan Addison. He’s a natural off-guard that has solid ball handling ability and sees the floor well in transition, always looking to make the right play. Addison is somewhat undersized but makes up for it with his strong frame and quick feet, especially when getting downhill to the basket. He is a solid overall shooter from all three levels and typically provides a nice mix of ways to attack an opposing defense. Defensively, he knows how to use his strength and positioning to his advantage; he has the ability to bring out a mean streak and really wreak havoc on that end. Next in his development process is improving his overall defense, as it will allow him to stay on the floor with a tough two-way presence. Coach Savage on Addison: “Naquan is a little undersized at the two-guard spot and will need to develop better ball handling skills in order to play at the next level. However, he is a solid shooter that knows how to mix it up on offense; he can get to the basket quite well and finish. The aggression that Naquan provides is great, as it rattled the opponent at times.” Addison certainly has the ability to have a huge senior season, and some added work will prepare him for the next level.

#31: 6’0 ’18 Jamal Walton of Crestwood (Sumter)

Continuing onto a player that has all the tools and intangibles necessary to be a college-level player, Jamal Walton. He’s a guard that is at his best playing with the ball, though he has shown capabilities of being a solid secondary creator. Offensively, Walton is a strong penetrator and understands how to involve himself in the action on offense while still being patient. He plays with a high motor and will do anything to help his team win. Walton is a vocal leader that will play a primary or secondary role to give his team success. Next in his development process is improving his three-point consistency, as it would make him a much more dangerous scoring threat, especially in spot-up situations. Coach Savage on Walton: “Jamal is a great leader who was very vocal and plays with a high motor on both sides of the ball. He can finish around the rim pretty well but his jumper could use a little work. He needs more reps playing point guard but is a hard worker that could play college-level basketball.” Walton showcased his abilities on both ends of the court and could have a breakout senior season at Crestwood.

#42: 6’1 ’18 Ethan Parton of Dorman (Roebuck)

Next, we look at a player that absolutely destroyed opponents with his shooting, especially from three-point range, Ethan Parton. He’s an off-guard that is waiting to rip the nylon off the nets, which was a common occurrence throughout camp. Offensively, Parton knows his role and understands how to find open space like second nature. He thrived in transition, where he could run freely and easily shoot the ball with time. Parton plays with a high motor and works hard on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is improving his defensive abilities, as it would make him a much more difficult player for opponents to hang with. Coach Savage on Parton: “Ethan is a fantastic spot-up shooter but needs to work on his ball handling. He has a sweet stroke and is a great overall kid that works hard at all times. Ethan has a great attitude and can easily play valuable minutes for Dorman.” Parton proved that he is an elite shooter during camp and should look to bring that same approach into this upcoming season.

#66: 6’4 ’18 Daniel Bateman of York Prep (Indian Land)

Moving onto a player that shot the ball extremely well while displaying a very high IQ on both ends of the floor, Daniel Bateman. He’s a big, strong wing that plays with a high motor and will do anything to put his team in a winning situation. Offensively, Bateman scores well on all three levels and thrives when spotting up, as he did for much of camp. He understands how to find space and displays a smooth lefty stroke with a quick setup. On the other end, Bateman proved to be a solid team defender and even forced a few turnovers that led to easy fast breaks. Next in his development process is working on his penetration ability, as it would open up his offensive game tremendously. Coach Savage on Bateman: “Daniel is a lefty that can flat-out stroke it, as he did throughout camp. He plays hard and with intensity. Daniel will add to the firepower that York Prep already has, but he needs to work on creating his own shot going forward to become a more complete offensive player. He has great size and should definitely find a place at the next level.” Bateman showcased a wide variety of skills during camp and he will be a great piece this season for York Prep.

#79: 6’5 ’19 Shaman Alston of Nation Ford (Fort Mill)

Continuing onto a player with elite athleticism and poise, especially on the offensive end, Shaman Alston. He’s a guard that imposes his will on any opponent on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Alston is utterly dominant inside the arc, where he can hit pull-up jumpers or barrel his way to the rim, where he finished everything through contact. When the ball is in his hands, Alston showcased the ability to blow by all types of defenders with his quickness and tight handle. On the other end, he is a lockdown defensive player that can span across multiple positions with no issue. Next in his development process is to polish his three-point jumper, as he would become virtually unstoppable with a reliable shot from distance. Coach Savage on Alston: “Shaman is an explosive combo guard that has the ability and size to play 1-3 effectively. He can finish strong in transition and displays great court vision. Shaman’s midrange game is there and he was one of our best players throughout camp. He is certainly capable of playing D1 basketball.” Alston could be one of the biggest stock risers from camp and would be a good candidate to have a breakout season.

#90: 6’7 ’19 Calvin Felder of Sumter HS (Sumter)

Next, we look at a player that has blown up in the last year and has become a nationally known prospect, Calvin “CJ” Felder. He’s a forward that can go big or small, depending on need, and thrives at both. Felder is the best athlete in the gym upon walking through the doors and absolutely lives above the rim on blocks, dunks, and rebounds. His overall feel and IQ have come a long way–he’s no longer just an athlete, but rather a great player that is supremely athletic. Felder is unstoppable in transition and will go chest-to-chest with any opponent at the rim. Defensively, he is already a huge plus, but has the potential to be a game changing presence given his natural gifts. Next in his development process is working on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would put him on another level offensively. Coach Savage on Felder: “CJ is a freak athlete with a high motor; he can play either forward spot and plays well above the rim. He’s a streaky shooter that needs to develop in the midrange area, but is absolutely a high level player.” Felder has all the ability to be a dominant player at the next level, it’s all about what he does to round out his game in these next two years that’ll determine how good.

#118: 6’10 ’18 Landon Murray of Nation Ford (Fort Mill)

Finishing up, we look at a player who has incredible size and strength on the low block, Landon Murray. He’s a big man that does a nice job running the floor and making the most of his post-up chances. Murray displayed a high work ethic and terrific attitude throughout camp; he was coachable, able to take orders from coach and then carry them out on the floor. He moves well defensively and showed that he’s capable of effectively guard opposing big men in the post. Murray is a vocal leader that rebounded the ball quite well on both ends of the floor and followed boards with strong outlet passes up court. Next in his development process is working on his quickness, as it would allow him to score and defend much easier. Coach Savage on Murray: “Landon has great size but needs to work on his footwork and moves down low. He ran the floor well and has soft hands that catch almost any ball. His confidence needs to improve, but that’ll come with more repetitions. He’s a great kid that was very coachable throughout camp.” Murray enjoyed a strong camp performance and should look to bring that same momentum into the upcoming season.

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