South Carolina Top 80

Team 10

Coach: Anthony Bellamy

#10: Joseph Powell First Baptist Church North Charleston, SC

This kid brings so much energy in when he gets on the floor and somehow gets his team to turn-up their intensity. He has a great attitude and he is so coachable. What stands out about Joesph is his IQ. You can really this come out on the offensive where he understands pace and floor spacing. Did a great job of giving instruction and guiding players to the spots on the floor. He has such great vision. Did a great job of driving and dishing to teammates putting them in successful positions to score. Coach Bellamy praised his play by saying this: “Very poised ball-handler and will be a solid D2 prospect. Joseph was a joy to coach! He’s an extension of the coach on the floor. Does a great job of controlling the game on both sides of the floor. Has a great feel for the game and knows how to make the players around him better.”

#14: Tevon Jenkins 5’11 2018 Seneca High Seneca SC

Jenkins is a very coachable kid that has excels in transition and defense. He is very quick and uses some good footwork to stay in front of who-ever he is guarding. He runs the floor really well understand spacing and running the passing lanes to get easy finishes. Jenkins has a great attitude and you can tell he loves playing the game. Coach Bellamy on Tevon Jenkins: ”Quick with the ball, solid defender and shoots the midrange ball well. Tevon is a player that will not back down to anyone on the court. Plays with a lot of effort and will. He’s not afraid to fight it out with a bigger player to get the ball. He does a very good job of penetrating and finishing with a floater or getting to the rim for a layup.”

#34: Adonis Davis 6’1 2021Blacksville-Hilda Barwell SC

Davis is a good rebounder for a guard. He can rebound inside and outside of his area. He just wants the ball. He gave his team extra possession by running down loose balls. He has a great attitude and just wants to win. He’s young but has a really good release on his shot. Getting more shots up will really him become a consistent shooter. He loves to attack the basket and is hard to stop when he drives downhill. The more he plays the better he will get. Look forward to seeing how this young guy’s develops. Coach Bellamy on Adonis Davis: “Good kid with a great attitude. Adonis is a dual-sport athlete and he plays with a lot of energy. He loves the game and he took bride in doing the little things to help his team. He excels in running the floor and finishing in transition. He attacks the basket at full speed and can finish through contact.”

#39: Frank Lee IV 6’1 2021 Orangeburg Wilkerson, Orangeburg SC

Lee has the ability to get to basket and finish. He has a great attitude and understands the importance of team play. One of the things that sticks out the most is Lee’s motor. He always gives 110% on both sides of the ball. All day he was able to keep his defender in front of him. Coach Bellamy on Frank Lee IV: “Worked hard and played great defense. He also played solid on offense. I loved the way Frank approached the game. He came to camp laser focused and determined to coach the attention of college coaches. Frank took no plays off and he is another player who excels in running the floor for easy baskets. He showed his ability to knock down the open shot and he finished some tough layups in traffic.”

#58: Isaiah Caldwell 6’3 2020 Heathwood Columbia, SC.

Already has great size and at this stage of his game he looks to be more of a combo guard. What’s scary about this kid is that he is only a sophomore. Isaiah is a very athletic player that uses his athleticism and his nifty ball handling skills to get the basket. Caldwell is very skilled with a pretty good basketball IQ. Watching him play you can tell that he has figured out his game and what he is unique at. One of the things he really excel at is using his athleticism to cause havoc in transition. His length helps him with his on ball defense and his anticipation skills helps him get easy steals in transition. He looks to do anything he can to make his teammates better. At the next stages of his game he needs to work on getting stronger next two years to become a very good college prospect. This is what Coach Bellamy said on Caldwell: “He’s very long and athletic! Handles the ball well, shot the three-ball well and was a great defender. This kid has the potential to be a D-1 prospect. Isaiah has the chance to be a great player in the years to come once he add some weight to his frame. Once he does that, he will break in to the top of that elite class of 2020 guards. He was one of the best overall defenders of the camp for his age.” Caldwell showed that he could score the ball on all three levels. He got out in transition and had some posturizing dunks.

#63: Malachi McGuirt 6’3 2021 York Prep High School Rock Hill, SC.

Malachi has the size to play either the guard or forward position. At 6’3 He was able to use his size to get some very good rebounds. He’s only in the 9th grade but has a pretty good IQ for his age. You can tell by the communication with him and his coach that he loves being coached. At next stage of his game he needs working on his ball handling and shooting. He is solid on the defensive end where he did very good job of stopping the ball in transition. Still learning the game he needs to understand how jumping the ball will put him in a better position to play team defense. McGuirt still has his best basketball in front of him. He loves to learn and he will turn out to be a solid player. Coach Bellamy on McGuirt: “Great attitude and handles adversity well. Solid finisher around the basket. When things get tough Malchi’s attitude never changed. He always competes and never got frustrated. I really like his ability to keep his man out of the paint. He’s off ball defense was his calling card all weekend. He also was a reliable rebounder and passer.”

#82: Randall Litman 6’5 2018 West Ashley High School Charleston SC

Litman does a good job of controlling the game on both sides of the floor. One of the things that stand when you watch him play is his ability to rebound on both sides of the floor. Because of his ability to hand the ball he can get the break started by pushing the ball up the floor. Teams had a very hard time keeping him out of the lane. When he doesn’t have the ball in his hands on transition he is able to use his speed to get ahead of the dribbler and be on the receiving hand of some nice passes that he finished with some really nice dunks. He’s help side defense is excellent. Does a good job on closing out on defenders and blocking shots on the rotation with his he excellent help-side defense. Here’s what Anthony Bellamy had to say about Randall: “Great athleticism and an excellent finisher. Had numerous highlight dunks and plays great defense. He was a human highlight today. His ability to get to the rim and finish with thunderous dunks was amazing. His athleticism allowed him to come away with though rebounds blocks and steals. He didn’t really have to use his jump-shot because no one could stop him from getting to the rim. I was also impressed with his ability to make plays and find the open man.”

#87: Jordan Wildy 6’5 2020 Rock Hill High School Rock Hill SC

A stretch four that you can use in screen and roll where he is very good at knocking down open shots. He’s a nightmare for opponents that have a tradition post player. He forces you post player to come out and defend. This takes the defender away from the basket and open up the paint so that teammates can drive the lanes and make plays. He finishes well around the rim and can use either hand. At camp he did a good job of guarding stronger and taller players in the post because of his length. Jordan is good teammate he did a good job of processing information that his coach was giving him. You can tell that he enjoys playing. He’s very fundamentally sound on both sides the ball. This is what Coach Anthony Bellamy had to say about Jordan Wildy: “Extremely long and very versatile Jordan Wildy can create a lot of match-up problems. He altered shots and forced his opponents in to making turnovers. On offense, he forced bigger post players to guard him out to the three-point line. “ Wildy is a only a sophomore and has plenty time to improve on his skills. He needs to continue to work on moving without the ball and rebounding in and out of his position to become a better prospect for colleges. Which is something I know he has the potential to do and be great at it.

#106: Andrew Cox 6’8 2018 Wahalla High School, Wahalla SC

Don’t let the size fool you this kid can really move his feet for his size. One of the better skills this kid has is his footwork. On screens he was able to switch off on smaller guards and keep them in-front of him. Cox can play defense on and off the ball. He is very skilled on defense. He understands that you must jump to the ball once the moves. Watched him bump players that was cutting through the lane not letting anyone front him. You can tell that this kids gets concepts of play the game the right way. On offense, he’s a three level scorer. He rebounds well inside and outside of his positon. He had a good camp, one of the other things that sticks out about this kid is his attitude and how easy he was to coach. Here’s what Coach Bellamy had today on Andrew Cox: High IQ, good defense and can score from all 3 levels. A solid D2 prospect Andrew was great. He showed his complete game today. He passed the ball well, he ran the floor, be blocked shots and made it hard for guards to penetrate off the screen and roll. Andrew did it all today and I was impressed with his footwork.”

#111: Harrison Whatley 6’8 2018 Porter Gaud High School Mt Pleasant SC

Showed a good attitude all day today. He a great team player that seem to have good leadership qualities. He accepts criticism and is able to make adjustment on the fly during his games. One of things that stick out about Harris is his great footwork for his size. He plays good defense able to keep the ball in front of him. He also plays solid help-side defense helping his team keep players out of the paint. Coach Bellamy on Harrison Whatley: “Great kid with a great attitude. He can core defend and has the basketball IQ. Harrrison will definitely be a college basketball player. He is a mature young man that understands the game and he will only get better. His fundamentals are on point and he made some advance plays today. Harrison will be a match-up problem for other post players because he can do everything on the court.”

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