South Carolina Top 80
Sunday, Spetember 24, 2017
Coach/Evaluator: TeLante’ Webber
Team 1

No. 1 2021 5’9 PG Aubrey “AJ” Thompson (York Prep Academy)-

AJ had a great day at Top 80. It all started with drills where he came in with high energy and focus, which later translated over to game play. He has lighting quick speed that he uses to blow by defenders in the open court. AJ comes equipped with a high basketball IQ which a PG needs to be successful. He sets teammates up in great positions that allow them to get easy buckets. When it comes to creating for himself, his jumper gets the job done. His game fits the new era of basketball which revolves around being able to shoot the 3 ball well. Thompson also uses a basketball trait that’s becoming a lost art, which is the midrange pull up. He’s quick first step allows him to crisply get by the screen for his quick pullups. When playing off the ball he’s able to knock down the open catch and shoot jumpers. What stood out the most for me was his willingness to defend bigger guards. He matched up well against some of the States best guards. He came up with steal after steal in every game by forcing guards into making mistakes and playing the passing lanes very well. AJ is one to watch this season and upcoming AAU season. Coaches should start tracking him now.

No. 21 2018 6’7 F Kyron Gray (Hartsville)

Gray is a very interesting prospect to watch. He has the size and skills to be a legit D1 prospect. He matched up and battled with some of the best Bigs in the state. He showed why he is considered among those elite players as well. Offensively he has so many skills in his bag that he uses very well. He’s fueled by being able to match up with bigger names and takes advantage of those match ups. His Post-up game and low Post footwork was simply fantastic on today. He showed the ability to finish with both hands around the rim as well. On the defensive side, he blocked shots and controlled the boards every time he got on the floor. He also packs a lot of athleticism which was evident off pick and rolls and transition where he threw down hard dunks. This upcoming year he will have the chance to help lead a young talented Hartsville squad to a championship. Coaches need to get a close look here, Gray is a sleeper with loads of potential.

No. 25 2018 6’ PG Malcolm Kennedy (York Comprehensive)

The first thought that comes to mind when one sees Kennedy play is that he’s a Bucket. He comes equipped with the “shooters shot” mentality, and this allows him to fill the stat sheet up. Kennedy has a quick release accompanied with unlimited range. Craftiness is also something one will see when they dissect his game. offensively there isn’t much he can’t do. What really intrigued me was his ability to adapt to what the defense gave him. After knocking down plenty of 3’s the defender begin to close out faster. Kennedy then used the pump fake to go by them for easy mid-range pull ups. Something you don’t usually see with great shooters is their ability to finish at the rim frequently. Kennedy was very crafty when finishing at the basket and finished through contact with ease. Defensively he straps up and causes turn overs left and right. His ability to play the passing lanes added to his defensive presences. With his skill set he should attract college coaches this season for sure. I like for him to put up big numbers during his senior season.

No. 48 2020 6’2 G Samuel Brown (Travelers Rest)

HUSTLE is the first word that comes to mind when you see brown. From drills to game time he always gives it 110%. I’ve had the chance to see Samuel play a lot over the last couple of months, but to coach him is even better. He plays with a nonstop motor and always looks to make the right play. offensively he is always in attack mode. He has a tight handle that allows him to maneuver around defenders with ease. When going to the rim he’s almost unstoppable because he attacks with this determination usually imposing his will on the defender. Brown can also shoot well from beyond the arc. He knocked down multiple 3s throughout the day. When defending he’s a tough lock down defender. He uses controlled pressure to cause the ball handler to make mistakes. Brown is one of those players that if the ball is on the floor he’s right there fighting for it. With his older brother playing D1 Basketball at Furman University, he has that DNA make up to reach that level as well. I expect Samuel to continue to get better and better, and look forward to seeing him play this season.

No. 49 2018 6’2 CG Uzziah Dawkins (Spartanburg HS)

Swagger is what we saw all day from Dawkins. Dawkins was one of the most impressive players I saw all day at Top 80. What stands out the most about Dawkins is his confidence and free will to try things that others would be afraid to do in a game. he produced multiple highlight worthy plays all day. His handle is crisp, tight, and saucy. Another key attribute for him is his body size. Dawkins has a strong build which he uses to bully defenders on both ends of the floor. He can score on all 3 levels well. Attacking the rim and finishing through contact is what he lives for. On Defense, he forces the opposition to the help side which causes traps and steals. He is also a good one on one defender. Dawkins did his stock a lot of good at Top 80. With 30+ coaches in attendance he should be hearing from schools soon. With him being in the Upstate area I will see a lot more of him, and I feel he’ll have a big season for Spartanburg High.

No. 72 2020 6’6 Forward Dorian Mills (Eastside)

Mills came into the day with a great attitude. He brings a lot to the game in terms of skill and intangibles. What I first noticed about Mills is that he has a lot of confidence in his shot. He carries that “shoot until hot” mentality which is uncommon for young players today. He doesn’t let missed shots wavier his confidence. Mills can also handle the ball well and makes good decisions under pressure. His size is an advantage he uses in terms of creating the mismatch. He’s able to post up smaller defenders for easy lay ups. Its vice versa when Big Men switch onto him while he’s on the wing. With the ability to dribble and shoot he makes an opposing coach give up something whenever he’s on the floor. On the defensive end he controls the paint and grabs rebounds with ease. I feel Mills has a couple of more inches to grow, and with that added height plus his skill set he is one for coaches to monitor.

No. 73 2020 6’4 G CJ Plantin (Legacy)

Plantin was one of the best athletes at Top 80. He has a very strong build and uses every athletic gift that he possess. He goes hard every second while on the floor. Let’s start with his defensive abilities. He likes to pick up full court and hounds the ball handler the entire trip. He uses his strength to bully other guards and force them to cough up the ball. Plantin is the type of defender a coach would put on a team’s best player. Offensively he was very efficient. He loves contact so going to the basket is always his first option when attacking. He showed the ability to finish through contact and also knock down the mid-range shot. He also has a good habit of grabbing offensive and defensive rebounds. This allows him to get those easy put back buckets that look nice on the stat sheet. With Plantin being such a superb athlete/player he will definitely attract the attention of coaches as he progresses.

No. 96 2018 6’7 F Matthew Brown (Spartanburg Day)

Fresh off a knee injury I was intrigued to see how Brown would bounce back. He looked really good today during drills and game play. He came in with a great attitude and this air of excitement about being able to compete again. He made his presence felt early by grabbing boards and blocking shots at the basket. On the offensive end, he made his first basket with a deep 3 point shot. This is something we’ve come custom to seeing him do. He dominated when inside the paint as well. Brown showed a soft touch around the basket and a more developed post-up game. He showed why he’s one of the top player in SC for the 2018 class. With such a loaded schedule ahead of him and Spartanburg Day, Brown should bring in a lot of attention playing alongside Zion Williamson. With this new attitude and outlook on the game the sky is the limit for Brown this year.

No. 97 2020 6’7 F Chase Cannon (Porter Gaud)

Cannon was a fresh face for me. He just transferred to Porter Gaud who have a very talented team on hand. He’s a very skilled player who will fit in nicely with how they play. He showed the ability to knock down shoots from beyond the arc. He also comes equipped with a nice one dribble pull up which he can use to his advantage when going against bigger forwards. He has a nice handle and that will continue to improve has the year goes on. He rebounds well and knows exactly where to be to get those rebounds. Cannon will be one to watch closely this season and summer. Coaches need to start tracking him now.

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