Team 4
Head Coach BJ Jackson of Legacy Charter

#3 5’9” 2016 Khali Clegg of York Prep (Rock Hill)

Clegg is an all effort type of player who leads on the court by example. He took great pride in playing defense and made it a point to do so, for 94 feet, every trip down the court. Clegg’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Khali was a great team player and a high energy, high level on ball defender.” Clegg was a downhill offensive player who took care of the ball. You cannot teach the chip on his shoulder that he plays with.

#20 6’ 2017 Brandon Joseph of Fort Mill High School

Joseph showed up to the camp ready to work. He was constantly asking questions and eager to learn as well as show off his skill. Joseph showed his ability to shoot the ball with deep range and comfort with the pull up game. Joseph’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Brandon gave great effort and displayed a great attitude the entire time.”

#25 6’1” 2016 TaVonne Bond of Irmo High School

Bond came into the camp with a lot of confidence and a great attitude. He took a vocal leadership role for his team, and you could see a constant smile on his face. Bond’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “TaVonne shot the ball well all day.” We would like to see Bond get his team mates involved on the court more, but you could not help but appreciate his aggression.

#34 6’2” 2016 Preston Parks of Wade Hampton High School (Greenville)

No questions asked, Parks is a confident scoring guard. The lefty has a very quick release and possesses deep range with comfort off the dribble and the catch. Parks’ camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “It was great to have Preston on the team. He handled the ball under pressure and can really shoot.” While we would like to see Parks consistently make it a point to make his team mates better, there is no denying the fact that he is assertive and can put up numbers in a hurry.

#42 6’3” 2017 JaCor Nelson of Lower Richland High School (Columbia)

For being such a great athlete, Nelson plays the game with a great pace. He has long arms which help him defend on the perimeter, but is able to attack the basket from multiple angles and looks with the ball in his hands. Nelson’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “JaCor is an explosive athlete. He works well without the ball and was a great team player.” Nelson is a high academic kid who is getting better by the day. D1s should look in now and enjoy watching him grow.

#61 6’4” 2017 Jalen Cameron of West Florence High School (Florence)

Cameron came into the event with a bulls-eye because reputation he built over the summer. Not only did he answer the call, he far surpassed it. Being a marked man, Cameron came out as the camp’s second leading scoring going for over 20 per game. Cameron’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Jalen was a pleasure to coach. He showed great intensity, he hit the open shots, and he was team oriented.” A staunch perimeter defender, Cameron’s stock is on the considerable rise. He showed he could consistently hit shots with range here. D1s take note.

#62 6’3” 2016 Clifton Powell, Jr. of 22 Ft Academy (Greenville)

Powell was able to show a lot of sides during the event. He was comfortable on the ball, getting his team into sets and handling pressure with the ball. He is a highly explosive athlete, who has a quick first step when getting to the rim. He also shot the ball with off the bounce. Powell Jr.’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Clifton is a great player and did a lot of things well.” Powell has a great skill set and the athleticism to make mid to high major schools look in. We would like to see him take on a more consistent leadership role, but are very eager to track his season.

#72 6’7” 2017 Duane Moss of Carolina Forest High School (Myrtle Beach)

Moss is a highly skilled wing, who knows the game. Moss is a very efficient scorer who takes (and makes) high percentage shots at all three levels (Moss shot around 80% for the event). Moss’ camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Duane is a solid player, he plays well without the ball and is a true team player. He is not afraid to defend the 1-5 and plays hard the whole time.” Moss has a great feel that college coaches will quickly appreciate.

#84 6’7” 2016 Darius Hicks of 22 Ft Academy (Greenville)

Hicks opened many eyes during the event with his sheer explosion and raw strength. He played the majority of the event well above the rim, finishing with high light reel dunk after high light reel dunk. Hicks’ camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Darius is a great rim protector.” Hicks showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and make shots out to the three point line. While we would like to see Hicks give consistent effort, there is no denying he has the “it factor” that mid to high major schools should want.

#85 6’8” 2016 Tahj Green of CA Johnson High School (Columbia)

Somehow Green is still somewhat of an unknown. To all of the coaches and scouts in the gym here, he is no longer that. Green is very long and has a motor that runs very hot. Throughout this event he was able to run, block shots, and rebound out of his area. Green’s camp coach BJ Jackson stated, “Tahj was best with the ball in his hands and was able to get to the rim and make shots.” Tahj is still a raw player, but he flashed an offensive skill set that made threes, attacked the rim off the bounce, and finished above the rim. There is a lot for D1 schools to like with this one.

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