Team 1
Head Coach Ricardo Priester – Lancaster HS

#0 7’ 2017 Jason Cudd of Socastee High School (Myrtle Beach)

As the old adage goes, you cannot teach size. Only a junior, Jason Cudd is a legit seven footer and seemingly gets better each time he takes the floor. Cudd was able to rebound his position and seemed to relish to role of paint protector. Cudd’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Cudd has a great attitude and worked hard throughout camp. He needs to continue working on his footwork, but he has upside.” Cudd is coming into his own as a player. He may still be a year or two away, but there is no denying the strides he continues to make. One for HMs to monitor close.

#1 5’7” 2016 Frankie Johnson of Darlington High School

No player in camp consistently turned more heads than Frankie Johnson. A consummate point guard, Johnson made everyone on his team better, with his unquestioned leadership and excellent skill set. Johnson played defense for 94 feet, he protected the ball at break neck speed, and made his shots throughout the day. Johnson’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Frankie is a great defender, he carries a championship heart, and he is tough as nails.” There is no denying that Johnson is a playmaker reminiscent of former Charleston Southern point guard Saah Nimley.

#16 6’ 2017 Darren Stanley of Conway High School

Stanley came into camp and showed a great attitude and competed throughout the day. Stanley is a quick twitch athlete who was able to get into the lane and finish through contact. Stanley’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Darren had a good day at camp, he competed.” As Stanley continues to progress we would like to see him work on the finer points of the game.

#17 5’9” 2016 Akelle Vaughn of Gray Collegiate (Columbia)

Vaughn played very confidently with the ball in his hands. He is a compactly build lead guard, and displayed a great work ethic during camp. Vaughn’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Vaughn worked hard and was able to make some shots on the day.” Vaughn has some range on his pull up jump shot and is not afraid to work.

#38 6’2” 2019 Russell Dean of Dutch Fork High School (Irmo)

Dean certainly passed the look test walking onto the court. He has long arms and broad shoulders with great size. Once he stepped on the court, he played with confidence and IQ on the ball. Dean scored well as he got downhill and showed an improving jump shot. Dean’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Deuce has a great feel for the game for his age. He is able to score from the point position, and plays with a great pace.” Dean has great upside, and will be one worth tracking. Place him firmly on your SIM Card.

#39 6’3” 2017 Lloyd Hemming of Brookland-Cayce High School (Cayce)

Hemming showed a great attitude and a high motor throughout camp. He carries a long wing span and the look of a quick twitch athlete. Hemming was attacking the paint and getting to the rim all day. Although slender, Hemming showed the ability to consistently finish with a great center of gravity. Hemming’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Hemming is a very good athlete and great finisher. He was able to use his length to defend the passing lanes and rebound well for his position.” As Hemming continues to get stronger, he is one to watch for a breakout year this season. Coaches at the next level need to start monitoring his progression.

#57 6’5” 2018 Aaron Nesmith of Porter Gaud (Charleston)

Nesmith experienced a mini-breakout during camp. Already rated in his classes top 10 players, Nesmith showed that even then he was under rated. Nesmith is a very tough wing, who enjoyed getting downhill and found a way to score with touch and athleticism. Nesmith’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Aaron came to camp with a great attitude, he worked hard and is a great athlete.” Nesmith will be a fun one to monitor in his class, the talent and frame are in place and high level colleges should firmly plant him on their SIM Card.

#67 6’7” 2019 Christian Brown of AC Flora High School (Columbia)

It is hard to not thoroughly appreciate the consistent effort that Brown gives each time out. Blessed with a 7’ wing span, a non-stop motor, and basketball genes Brown was the winner of the camp’s Mr Hustle award. Brown’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Christian has a HUGE upside. He displayed great leadership for his team and is a very coachable player. He was able to defend multiple position and consistently scored the ball at each level.” As one of the youngest players in camp Brown finished in the top 25 in scoring averaging 10.3 points per game. Brown is tracking as one of the Top 50 players nationally.

#82 6’7” 2018 Sam Tyner-Tarhouni of Easley High School

Perhaps no one used this camp to establish their reputation more than Tyner-Tarhouni. He is a rugged no nonsense player who brought maximum effort to every play. He was an strong/active post defender and was able to keep possessions alive with his ability on the offensive glass. Tyner-Tarhouni’s camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Sam is a very instinctive player. He displayed great leadership and effort. Sam is also a great post defender.” One national scout in attendance said, “I will be tracking him closely, if he could grow another inch I think he’ll make his way into a major conference. I didn’t catch how much he actually did at the time, looking back through footage he does a lot of great stuff.” Put him on you SIM Cards, we agree.

#5 6’7” 2017 Jimmy Nichols of Conway High School

Nichols was a late addition to the camp roster, but wasted no time making his presence felt. Nichols is long and limby, but uses his length and quick twitch athleticism to be a constant nuisance on defense and when attacking the rim. Nichols’ camp coach Ricardo Priester stated, “Jimmy is a high flyer and a great rebounder. He is also a leader.” Nichols is a quick twitch energy man. He goes about his business and consistently produces. Mid to high college coaches need to go ahead and start taking note here.

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