SC Top 80 Breakout Performers – Part 2

Whenever you bring together a grouping of the best players in an area people will play at their best, the true competitor comes out in people. The South Carolina Top 80 was no different this year. We had kids that were known who showed up and showed out during the event. However, there were also some breakout performers who enhanced their stock with their play against the best.

Tae Cannon 6’7” 2017
Oakbrook Prep (Spartanburg)

Cannon is a high motor guy, who really garnered a lot of loose balls and rebounds. Cannon is just coming into his own as a player, and continues to gets stronger and more confident in his frame. Cannon is very long and very active. Cannon averaged 12.3 points per game. Look for a rankings jump.

Nemeiah McGriff 6’4” 2017
Lancaster HS (Lancaster)

The lefty McGriff is long and very productive. He has a unique skill set, but his best attribute is that he always seems to be in the right place, around the ball. McGriff likes to get downhill, showing comfort both around the rim and with a floater/pull up. McGriff averaged 12 points per game. Look for him to break into the rankings.

Kijanna Johnson 6’6 2016
Marlboro County HS (Bennettsville)

Johnson showed a completely new skill set on Saturday. A more skilled, skill set that produced great results. Johnson showed a confident half court handle, and a keen passing vision from the wing. He shot the ball well from 18 feet and was an active rebounder. Johnson will certainly see a jump in the rankings as well as in his recruitment.

Miguel Priest 6’5” 2016
Legacy Charter (Greenville)

A lefty, Priest played last year in a small town in Michigan. Transferring down to Legacy Charter this year, Priest has a unique skill set as a sturdy wing with point guard vision. Priest has good straight line athleticism, and handles the ball with confidence in the half court. He is unique, but with offers from NC A&T and South Carolina State he is one to watch.

Ryan Carfley 6’8” 2018
Georgetown School of Arts (Georgetown)

Not many have seen Carfley, however that should start to change soon. He is lengthy, even for his size, and has a confident skill set. Carfley has range beyond the arc, but also posts big on the block. As Carfley continues to gain strength, look for his game to continue to rise. There are a lot of natural tools to work with here.

Josh Caldwell 5’9” 2018
Bluffton HS (Bluffton)

Caldwell is a true point guard, and one that leads his team both with his play and his on court demeanor. Caldwell is an in your face defender for all 94 feet of the court. He also carries a tight handle and high level court vision that hits team mates in stride. It is a treat to find a guy who can run a team, especially at such a young age. He did so with flair and technique, this one will be eager to track moving forward.

Vince Cole 6’5” 2017
James Island Charter (Charleston)

What a day for Cole. The lengthy wing, showed a versatile tool kit of explosion mixed with touch and finesse. On one three play sequence, Cole made a 3-pointer in the corner, finished a monster put back dunk in traffic, then broke a defender down on the wing and finished with a mid-range pull up. Cole has always had the tools, and it looks like he found consistent effort this weekend. If he can build on this camp’s effort watch out, there is a lot of upside with him.

Aaron Nesmith 6’4” 2018
Porter Gaud (Charleston)

Nesmith is tough, a very tough minded and bodied player. Nesmith is an attacking wing, who likes to get downhill and looks for the contact in the lane. A developing shooter, Nesmith made shots both off the catch and the pull up. He led his varsity team in scoring last season, and his confidence is starting to really take off. Look for some big numbers put up here, because he is long, athletic, skilled, and plays with a chip on his shoulder.

DJ Johnson 6’6” 2017
Timberland HS (St Stephen)

Johnson is a long and wiry type of player who has an unorthodox type of play style. He is productive around the rim, on both ends of the floor. He is a scrappy player that does a good job of capitalizing on hustle plays. We are eager to see how his game continues to develop over his final two years in high school.

Jimmy Nichols 6’6” 2017
Conway HS (Conway)

Nichols made his mark early in the camp and sustained that production through the event. The slender Nichols sustained a couple ankle nicks, which should subside as he continues to gain strength. Nichols is long and very active, he gets downhill from the high post, and rebounds out of his area.

Jackson Hurston 5’8” 2016
St James HS (Myrtle Beach)

Hurston is a hustler, a battler, a scrapper that just gets it done. He is full throttle at all times which leads to consistent production. It is no surprise that Hurston also excels on the football field as well, but his toughness was not only infectious but productive.

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