In speaking with Needham Cheely of Team Power, many of his players are coming to Session 2 of the NC Phenom 150 camp. One young player, 6’0 2020 PG Reggie Walton is coming to prove to the “Hoop State,” why he is one of the top guards in his class. Coach Cheely stated, “Reggie is coming to put some cards out on the table, as well as Linwood Grandy from Wayne Country Day. Both young players are wanting to use this platform to raise their stock.”

After conducting camps for 15 years, these kind of comments are actually music to our ears. You love to hear the passion from players that feel somewhat under valued or under the radar. These type of players always play with a chip on their proverbial shoulder. Yes, they have something to prove and what better way to back it up is their play on the court. Phenom Hoop Report scout Miles Masercola is definitely on the Reggie Walton bandwagon.

In a recent post, Masercola stated, “Walton is another one that was vastly underrated in my opinion, He simply knows how to be a leader, which is something that really can’t be taught, it’s something Walton was clearly born with. Sometimes those qualities are hard to appreciate, but watching the way Walton communicates with his teammates is the thing that stood out to me for him.”


6’4 2020 Linwood Grandy (Wayne Country Day) is a strong and lengthy wing forward. His calling card has been his presence on the defensive side of the ball. He has the ability to guard and defend multiple positions. He has tremendous versatility and will be looking to showcase his ability to play effectively on both sides of the court.


6’5 2020 Reggie Raynor (New Life Christian) is currently ranked as a top 50 prospect in our North Carolina 2020 rankings. Raynor has a unique blend of athleticism and matching skill set. The long and explosive wing has the ability to score from all three levels and has a complete scoring arsenal. We’ve been impressed with his range and production. He simply knows how to score and his game definitely translate well at the collegiate level. Scorers translate and one thing is for certain, Reggie Raynor can flat out score .



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