For the second time this week the University of Richmond Spiders keep a Richmond native in the city. First it was the state’s best passer in 6’4 2016 Demonte Buckingham breaking on Tuesday (Buckingham’s Commitment Article). Today they received a commitment from the state’s best shooter, 6’4 2016 Nick Sherod (St Christopher’s/Team Loaded Va).

Sherod has been a long time attendee of Phenom Hoops events, most recently playing in the 2015 David Rose Memorial Day Classic where he won the event’s co-MVP award. After this event we wrote, Standing at a solidly built 6’4, Sherod already has a college ready frame. He has excellent physical strength with broad shoulders and long arms. More importantly, Sherod has the ability to keep defenses from collapsing on the interior. Sherod can score without dominating the ball. He moves extremely well without the ball and is outstanding coming off curls where he is highly efficient in a “catch and shoot” situation. Sherod simply knows how to read screens and does a masterful job of running his defender directly into the screen. His footwork prior to catching the pass is textbook, which allows him to square up nicely to the rim and elevate for a picture perfect shot and follow through. Shooters translate and his ability to catch and shoot with high efficiency should make him a hot commodity among high major schools.”

Sherod is a high academic student who looked hard into his future beyond basketball. Sherod says that of his final group, Richmond offered the best academic outlook for his specific future, “My final schools in consideration were Mount St Mary’s, George Mason, Western Kentucky, UNC Wilmington, Wofford, and William and Mary. Richmond offers a great Journalism program, and that is what I am interested in.”

Of course Richmond’s success on the court was a factor in Sherod’s decision. They had a need for a shot maker, and Sherod does that better than anyone in the state of Virginia, “I was drawn to Richmond’s ability to win at a high level. They are going to use me a lot coming off screens and making plays with and without the ball. I am someone who can score efficiently from all three levels and I have good size for my position.”

While, Sherod was very aware of Buckingham’s decision and it may have had a little bit of a role in his, ultimately Sherod made this decision for his own future, “Buck and I talked a little, and he was definitely a factor, but at the end of the day you have to pick a school for yourself. The University of Richmond fit me and what I wanted at the next level.”

As mentioned previously, Sherod is a long time alum of Phenom Hoops events and he gives thanks to the platform Phenom has provided, “The work and exposure Phenom Hoops provides has helped me a lot. Playing against the top players in well run events has only helped me as a player and in my recruitment.”

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