6’6 ’17 Logan Vosburg is your typical blue collar worker. At the 2014 NC Phenom 150 Fall Evaluation camp, Logan was a late addition and came into the event with little publicity or hype. However, that quickly changed, as he was one of the surprise players at camp. He averaged 13.6 PPG in the three camp games and had a breakout 21-point performance in one of the camp games.

From this camp, we wrote, “Logan is excellent in transition and finishes extremely well in traffic. He has passer friendly hands and rebounds extraordinary well for his position. He is really good at anticipating missed offensive rebounds for scoring opportunities. Logan has a good face-up jump shot to 15 feet. He uses his hips and shoulders in the low post effectively. He worked hard defending bigger post players and keep low post position. Logan is a promising sophomore that will definitely be on our radar this coming season.”

His performance from the 2014 Fall Evaluation camp definitely caught our attention as one to monitor. Logan enjoyed a stellar sophomore high school senior and attended our NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp. Once again, Logan demonstrated a relentless work ethic on the court. Rather a quiet and humble personality off the court, Logan plays with a high motor and his full throttle approach to the game is one that separates him from his peers.

As a matter of fact, he was so good, that he earned an invite to the NC Top 80 camp. From our NC Phenom 150 Spring Evaluation Camp, we wrote, “Logan was a workhorse. He did not mind getting dirty in the paint and battling against taller and more athletic players. Offensively, he was a mismatch in each match up. Logan averaged 13.7 PPG on the day, connecting on shots at all three levels. The below the rim face up four man made five three’s, showed nice mid-range, dribble pull and touch at the basket.”

Logan used the NC Phenom 150 platform and came into the NC Top 80 with something to prove and boy did he achieve just that! Logan for the most part was still virtually an unknown prospect on statewide level. Believe it or not, Logan was the second leading scorer at the NC Top 80 averaging an impressive 20 PPG. From the NC Top 80, we wrote “Logan is a blue-collar worker that quietly goes about his business on the court and gets results.

While lacking explosion and quickness, Logan has a Larry Bird approach to the game. He can hit the mid-range and even step out and hit an occasional 3-pointer, but has excellent timing on offensive rebounds where he makes a living with put backs and “garbage” points.”

While Logan is not blessed with tremendous athletic ability, he is one of the hardest working players you will find. He trains extremely hard and his full throttle approach that you see during games is equally matched in his workout sessions. For Logan, he goes “all out” in workouts, practice, or in the layup lines. You see, it’s in his DNA. He simply has a work ethic that is second to none.

While Logan Vosburg sports a tremendous work ethic on the basketball court, it is equally impressive in the classroom. Logan sports an impressive 4.2 GPA and is the complete student athlete. We have often stated, “show me a player that works hard in the classroom and we’re show you a player that works hard on the hardwood,” and this statement is custom made for Logan.

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