We continue allowing our platform to shed light on players around the region, and we now look at 2024 Armani Henderson who played with Bigger Than Basketball this past weekend but has been a hot topic all throughout this summer with Team EAT as well.

Henderson has simply been a bucket this summer, and he did so once again with Bigger Than Basketball at the Phenom G3 Showcase.  With the ball in his hands, Henderson is showing how dynamic of a player he can be, scoring in so many ways, showcasing his burst of speed, his ability to penetrate and get to the basket, and his ability to really mix it up. Whether it was finishing over defenders, out in transition, getting downhill, pulling up with his mid-range shot, or showing more of his range, Henderson did it all and has done so consistently.

He should for sure be a guard that starts getting on more radars with what we have seen, and he should only continue to have a strong summer leading into the upcoming high school season.

What Has Been Said:

“He’s been so impressive as a tough, heady, quick-twitch lefty guard with feel, instincts, and undeniable ability in the open floor. Henderson is an absolute blur in transition. He gets downhill and attacks the basket basically whenever he wants. Although he’s a capable finisher with either hand, opponents truly struggle to stop him from getting to his left—especially with a full head of steam. That being said, Henderson is arguably just as lethal in the midrange, where his pull-up was a common avenue for buckets in every single contest. He does a quality job of taking what the defense gives him, but also isn’t afraid of taking what he wants in the proper situations. Though he regularly scored at will, Henderson displayed a strong willingness to disrupt opponents definitely and set up others whenever possible. He utilizes his length and anticipation very well to harass opposing ball-handlers and force turnovers. Henderson definitely showcased the makings of an obvious next-level player, so it should be exciting to watch him blossom over the coming months.”

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