Phenom Hoop Report made its way back to Greensboro, NC for another great event, the Stay Positive Live tournament.

Darren Grainger

Phenom Hoop Report made its way back to Greensboro, NC for another great event, the Stay Positive Live tournament. As always, tons of talent was in the gym, a regular occurrence when Phenom comes to town. Some of the talent that stood out is as follows:

Donte Edwards, 5’8 G with Durham Bullz – Donte continues to impress in July as he has shown up at multiple Phenom events this month. The pint sized playmaker has proven he can hang points on anyone when he chooses to do so and that he can be a pest on defense. The knock remains though that his size will be a detriment to his recruitment. While we understand the concern, this kid can play. At the right level his speed, scoring, and quickness will be a welcomed addition.

Jackson Reid, 6’3 G with Durham Bullz – We have watched Jackson a few times now and when we have seen him we usually see a guy with a solid glue guy type game but who’s performance can be a bit up and down. Today’s game is a great example of this as he rolled in the first half with 9 points while also fulfilling his “glue guy” duties but then faded in the second half some before turning it back on late to try to bring his team back. At his best he is a solid player capable of contributing in several phases of the game and defending 1-3 on the floor. When not at his best, he can disappear from games for stretches or will fall in love with his shot too much. Reid has the ability to be a main contributor at this level, he just needs consistency to take the next step.

Darren Grainger, 6’4 W with All or Nothing – Darren had a nice game while we were court side, leading his team out the gate to a nice first half lead. This bouncy athlete gets out and goes in transition and shows an ability to get buckets inside the paint. He shows good timing when blocking and contesting shots on D but has a motor that will run hot and cold. Was not much of a factor in the second half once the defense made adjustments for him.

Eric Fox, 6’4 F with CEBA – Skilled young forward shows comfort level with his game that you’d expect from a rising senior. He has been well coached as evidence with his footwork, positioning, and in how he keeps the ball high at all times. He does not have the bulk you look for in the F position but his court smarts and fundamental play allows him to still be very effective.

Keyshawn Dorsey, 6’3 G with Durham Hurricanes – Dorsey has had a very strong Summer showing up at multiple Phenom events. Always an athlete, you can see the transformation in his game from athlete to player. No longer one to just drive or get points in transition, he has worked to make his shot more of a weapon now. That ability to consistently hit the outside shot has helped him rise his stock as a prospect. Scary thing here, we do not think he has reached his full potential yet. He has more to give.

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