Now that we’ve reached the month of July, basically every game represents the opportunity for players to be seen, evaluated, and offered by college coaches. While this notion is more applicable to seniors, several juniors and multiple sophomores will inevitably put themselves on the radars of next-level programs. Over the few months, we will take a closer look at various players who should warrant attention as scholarship-level prospects. The intent of this article series is simply to provide breakdowns of guys who coaches should know about. We will continue by looking at MJ Williams of Farmville Central High School.

Let’s first start by saying kudos for Chowan (June 2023) and Mount Olive (February 2024) for already extending offers to Williams. However, the lack of scholarships being doled out to the point guard is becoming really perplexing. Perhaps this is because so many schools are hesitant to offer in an attempt to avoid getting undercut by higher-level programs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the situation any less confusing for someone like Williams—who has been a model of consistent success throughout his high school journey. Williams has gone 87-7 over his three varsity seasons, making three consecutive state championships, and earning a title victory. In addition to the team success, he’s been productive, heavily involved piece since his freshman season. It’s not like we are sitting here advocating for someone who lacks the ability.

In transitioning to what he’s shown throughout the travel ball season, Williams has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s unclear what more coaches are looking for, as he’s truly done it all. He’s quick, rugged, and sets the tone on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Williams offers an ideal balance between scoring and playmaking. He utilizes his tight handle, quick first step, and processing ability to get whatever he wants. Williams is a sharp, willing passer but offers such reliable scoring polish that opponents are forced to pick their poison when the ball is in his hands. Whether creating for himself or finding opportunities without the ball, Williams has consistently shown the ability to score the ball at an efficient rate from all levels. It’s truly difficult to point out any real weaknesses in his offensive game. That being said, Williams is equally as effective on defense. At 5-foot-10, he suffocates opposing guards. He mirrors opponents so well that it can be difficult to determine who is actually in control (it’s usually Williams). Williams forces turnovers and stands out as a dependable piece in transition. Only time will tell how his recruitment will unfold, but he should definitely be a major target for a variety of scholarship-level programs.

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