2025 6’8 Shon Abaev

Abaev had a very consistent week at the camp when we watched him. The 6’8 prospect was at his best when he was attacking off the dribble, getting downhill and inside the defense, and looking to finish at or around the rim. I really liked his patience and feel in creating when attacking, reading the floor, and also taking advantage of open shots as well.

2025 6’5 Darius Adams

Adams, who is regarded as one of the premier guards in his class, put his talent on full display on several occasions, including a 31-point showing to end the camp. Adams is an excellent creator for himself, being able to get to his spots, battle through defenders, finish at the basket strong, and having a confident release with his jumper from multiple levels.

2025 6’4 Kiyan Anthony

What can be said about Anthony, as he was an offensive machine looking to put on a show. Every time he stepped on the court, he was looking to be the alpha offensively, scoring and creating his own shots and opportunities. He certainly put in the work throughout the week with an impressive showing, which included a 42-point and 34-point outing. He finished the camp going 75-for-200 in the eight games (not including final game), shooting 37.5 percent from the floor.

2025 6’11 Tee Bartlett

Getting another viewing of the big man in action, Bartlett is one that continues to grab my attention with his toughness and willingness to battle. Barlett brings a football-like frame a 265 but can surprise you with how nimble he is on his feet. He makes quick, decisive moves to get around defenders in the post but also has no issue in playing bully-ball as well and bringing on contact. Overall, he was productive on the court, active on the glass, and was battle-tested throughout.

2025 6’5 Brayden Burries

When watching Burries again on the court, I still can’t get over just how smooth his game is on the court; at times it looks effortless. Burries has a nice balance of size and skill at his position, along with a smooth release from inside and out, and he plays at his own pace. It seems like he never gets sped up, makes good reads, and makes high IQ plays for himself and for others.

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