2025 Shamarius Peterkin (Team Official): Peterkin has been a name that Phenom Hoops has been impressed with over the last year. And you can see that he only continues to get better on the court. A two-sport athlete in football and basketball, Peterkin should have the attention of D1 schools with his long athletic frame, his ability to get to the rim and finish, consistently fills it up, but also makes impressive plays on the defensive end. A rising prospect in the class of 2025 here in NC.

2027 Jewell Tillery (FBP): Though a young prospect, Tillery captured a few eyes on Day 1 with his shot-making ability but also his playmaking on the court. He came out strong and showed his range, knocking down multiple threes with a ton of confidence, but then started to add more of his game in creating off the bounce, handling the defensive pressure and seeing the floor well, and making plays in attacking the paint.

2024 Ahmed Jawo (Basketpoint USA): Jawo is a 6’9 prospect that continues to go a bit under the radar but when you watch his game and what he ultimately could be, it has to get you excited about the future. Still a very raw talent but he shows those glimpses on both sides of the court; whether it is his length and ability to disrupt or his ability to finish and make plays at the rim, Jawo continues to give you those flashes in what he ultimately could develop into.

2026 Beckett Coon (Strong Center): A young point guard in the making, Coon just grabbed my attention with his overall feel and understanding of how to run the show. He has a strong feel in knowing what to do, how to run an offense, his patience on the court, and his court awareness. Really does a great job in knowing what to do for his team and how to get everyone going.

2023 David Peral (Team Official): Peral continues to be a name that pops up each time we see him. He may not blow you away but man, does he understand how to be effective on the court. Peral has a great feel in moving around the paint, showing his ability to surprise you with his athleticism but also his ability to operate from so many levels. He finished time after time around the rim and through contact, does the little things that he needs to do to help his team, and just brings a nice overall impact to the court.

2023 TJ Cave (Big Shots Elite NC): When you watch him in high school, you immediately see the presence he brings on the defensive end and as a leader. He does the same thing in this game, but he also showed more of his ability to score the ball, his speed to get by defenders, and his toughness in finishing and creating baskets. Cave is just that energy guy that you love to have on your team, and should be looked at by programs late.

2024 Alex Katusha (Red Warriors): The 2024 prospect was filling it up, especially in the second half. Katusha continues to show his ability to knock down shots from the outside, but also do a great job in making plays in transition. He excelled in the open floor, was able to create and get to the basket off the dribble, and was assertive in his ability to attack and get to the line. Good showing on Day 1.

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