2026 Bradley Floyd (Kings Mountain):

Talk about a player that is trending in the right direction, Floyd put his full game on display and I believe that he should be a hot topic for many programs. At 6’5, there aren’t too many holes in his game with his scoring capabilities, his athleticism at the rim, his decision-making and vision as a playmaker, and his rebounding impact. Floyd brings so much to the table

2025 Alek Kornacki (Concord Academy):

I was really impressed with Kornacki and his growth, as the big man made an impact both offensively and defensively. He looks like he has a better understanding of the game, being more physical as well as showing touch around the basket. But what impressed me the most was his presence in altering or blocking shots, really protecting the paint for his team.

2027 LJ Smith (Lincolnton):

When you talk about some of the best scorers in the state, no matter what class, Smith has to be a name that comes up and he does so consistently. Smith is a special offensive player with his ability to create; whether it was creating and penetrating the defense to get to the rim or creating space for his jumper, he makes the game look easy as he filled it up for 35 points on Day 1.

2025 Brett Freeman (Ardrey Kell):

Freeman was another player who really played at a high level for his team, as he is a unique player at his position with his size. Freeman can be a tough matchup with his big frame and with the ball in his hands, helping run the show but also apply scoring pressure in getting downhill to finish.  But he mixed it up extremely well inside and out, as he looks to have a big year in leading the charge.

2026 Tarris Bouie (Chambers):

We have talked about Bouie for quite some time now and he continues to impress his overall feel as well as potential. Bouie is such a long and explosive prospect that you can see flying through the air to finish at the rim but also be electric in his shot-making ability from multiple levels. Bouie has a chance to see his stock rise even more with a big season at Chambers and this summer, as he will have eyes headed his way all throughout.

2025 Justice Mitchell (Clayton):

Continue to say that Justice Mitchell could be the definition of production. No matter where he is or with whatever team, Mitchell finds ways to be effective and efficient, putting up big numbers and impacting the game in several ways. He is terrific in attacking the glass, embracing being a physical piece and finishing around the basket as well as boxing out on the defensive end. And much can be said the same with his offensive touch and impact all around the basket. Finished averaging a double-double last year and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

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